After watching the BOBB I was amazed at how many women had the same experiences I did. My first child in 2003 was a healthy pregnancy no issues and at my 38 week appointment my OB told me we could induce that weekend because he wouldn't be on call the following weekends and had 7 other OB's that I didn't know in his office. As soon as they started my labor they offered an epidural even though I wasn't even in any pain. I had seen so many scary births on a baby story that I thought I should get one before the pain was unmanageable. No one ever mentioned the risks that go along with being induced or the complications that arise. Thankfully everything went well and I had a healthy baby boy. The epidural took a long time to wear off though, because I was given too much and I ended up having a catheter. Recovery took a while for me, but I just assumed that's how giving birth was. 

With my second in 2007 I was induced at 39 1/2 weeks because he said the baby was too big and that was why I was in so much pain. They estimated his weight at over 9 lbs. I was induced and attempted to go without an epidural because I had done some research on natural birth. It was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life every 2 minutes because of the pitocin. I finally conceded to an epidural because I couldn't stop shaking from the pain and it was making me physically ill and I didn't want to wait longer and them say I had to have a c section. I delivered my son within two hours of my epidural and he was 7 lbs 14 oz. They were a little off on their estimation!

With my 3rd I was not induced, but my OB was going too, not because there was anything wrong, because I had been induced the previous two times and he said I wouldn't go into labor on my own. Then at my 38 week appointment he told me he was going on vacation the week I was due and that I was going to see some OB I had never met and he was going to deliver my baby. This OB turned out to be a complete jerk which made the situation even worse. He said he would not induce me and he was just going to wait it out. I did go into labor on my due date. It was a very stressful morning as I drove myself to the hospital. The sperm donor decided that on my due date he wasn't going to answer his phone. After some stress and an epidural gave birth to my daughter who was very healthy. 

After watching the BOBB and MBOBB I realised that for this pregnancy and birth I was going to go all natural. I have a very supportive husband and he is very happy after watching these documentaries with me that we are going the natural way. I have found a doula team and an amazing midwife. My midwife is such a refreshing change from my OBs. She doesn't just try to push pills at me if I ask about how to deal with any issue, such as low iron or nausea. She will suggest natural ways to deal with it, which is wonderful because I don't like to take medicine. I spent more time with my midwife than I probably ever have with my OB. She is so supportive and works closely with my doula on a regular basis. Through my doula I have found a hospital that is very supportive of natural birth and water birth. I am so excited about this choice my husband and I made. I think it will be an amazing experience. I am happy that BOBB has given me that little push to decide for myself what birth experience I want and follow that with confidence and the education to stand up for this choice.

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Congratulations on your empowered position and growing awareness!!




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