Does anyone have information regarding flu shots and pregnancy. I know the CDC advises it as does the ACOG, but are there any studies that advise against the flu shot?

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Oddly enough, even though the CDC advises it and ACOG recommends it, I was refused a flu shot when I worked as an LNA in my local hospital on the grounds that I was pregnant and that it was a liability to the hospital if any thing went wrong. Hm. Made me think twice about it anyway. Also made me a bit pissed at my employers!
Thanks, Emily! I teach high school, work in a gym daycare on the weekends, and have a four year old. I want to protect my baby and myself as much as possible. I guess I'll ask my midwife when she gets back from a much deserved vacation.
If you go to he has the latest greatest info on vaccines! You have to become a member by filling out some info like your name and email, but no spam mail and you get great info every couple weeks on all health info. And for my personal opinion, I would opt out on getting it. There's to many things in vaccines that could cause potential harm to the baby.
Flu vax does contain mercury as a preservative. The mercury-free version is very difficult to get b/c it is perishable. I refused this during pregnancy and made certain to practice good hand washing and avoid sick relatives and friends. Guess that is not all that different from what I do at all other times in my life b/c I have never had a flu shot and never gotten the flu (going on 30 years now). Be sure to get plenty of Vit. D. If you live in a cold place (I'm from Ohio) you should make a point to try to get some sunlight regularly. With good hand washing technique, getting plenty of nourishment and taking in some sunlight you will likely be able to avoid the flu and the potential dangers of the vax.
No vaccine actually has mercury in it. They have Themerisol which is derived from mercury. Certianly not comforting but not the same as mercury. The Thermisol free version (of most vaccines not just the flu) is the type that is done intra nasally as oposed to injected. According to the CDC and National Vaccine Information Center ( this type of vaccine should be readily available, esp for the groups of people that are listed as the first that should have the vaccine (pregnant women are currently at the top of that list).

My doc never recommends the flu vaccine for me or my children. he believes that your own immunities should be allowed to deal w/common things. He aslo rarely prescribes antibiotics to my family. He believes strongly in the importance of letting your immune system do its job. However, when I am PG he strongly recommends the flu vaccine (as a teacher, I work very closely with kids so that may be part of why he does).
THis is a 9 part documentary on Vaccination. Absolutely STUNNING!!! Watch all 9 parts you can find the other parts in the right scroll bar.
Honestly, I haven't had a flu shot since i was young enough for my mom to make me get one.
And even then, when I was in 8th grade I got the flu anyway. Temp of 104, hallucinating (or dreaming) not quite sure but it was so vivid I was running from it!
I got mine earlier this month. I checked first to know if the pharmacy had the Themerisol-free version and they did. I would normally have gotten it at the hospital where I worked, but they hadn't yet received their Themerisol-free variety and they won't give the regular to pregnant women. It was the injection, not the intranasal...the material I read said the intranasal is not approved for pregnant women.



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