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I am currently bottlefeeding our infant daughter and mix her formula w/ distilled bottled water...our pediatrician gave us a prescription yesterday for vitamin drops w/ fluoride...what's the deal w/ fluoride and is anyone out there using these drops currently on their baby? There is so much conflicting info out there that my head is spinning!

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If you are using tap water to mix your formula, your baby is getting plenty of fluoride, as most cities fluoridate their water. How old is your baby?
we use bottled/distilled water b/c we're not very confidant w/ our water supply~ she is 3 weeks old this wednesday~
Does your baby have teeth yet? If she has teeth and you are brushing with a fluoride toothpaste (which is recommended), the current recommendations (in Canada) are NOT to supplement with fluoride drops. This is because, even though you are supposed to use only a smear of toothpaste, babies are unable to spit out the toothpaste and swallow almost 100% of what goes on the toothbrush. This amount is significant enough to count as a supplement. If you are also supplementing with drops, your baby could be getting an overdose, which is NOT good for teeth or for general health. But as always, talk to your HCP before changing anything!

Since your baby is only 3 weeks, I doubt she has teeth, but I was recommended not to supplement with fluoride drops before my son's teeth emerged either, but I don't know the rational for this, sorry.
We have well water so I'm very familiar with the flouride drops and pills. I used the flouride drops when my two oldest children were babies (they are now 2 and 4 and take a chewable form) but the pediatrician didn't have me start them on it until they were 6 months of age and had some teeth coming in (my youngest is now 3 months old so has not started taking them yet). Not sure why your pediatrician is recommending you start giving the flouride to a 3 week old so you could hold off a few more months.

As a heads up, unless they've improved them over the last few years, the combo vitamin/flouride drops smell horrible and apparently taste horrible. I tried giving those to my oldest when she turned 6 months and she wouldn't take it. I couldn't stand the smell and if I remember correctly the liquid stained clothing badly too (like iodine or something). I had to give a whole big dropperful of the combo stuff, but with the straight flouride I only had to give one drop. The flouride only drops are clear and must be pretty tastless...much easier to give to a baby.
Well from what ive read, it has been discontinued as a supplemet for small children see here:


also I have never given it to my children as supplent but have used toothpaste with it only occasionally to prevent cavities, I guess because Im not sure if its totally safe (too much conflicting info)...
also I found this with some interesting history about flouride..:


good luck.. :)



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