How did you deal with morning sickness in he first trimester? What foods could you keep down?

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I have found lentis and quinoa both are nutritious but a little bland so they have been staying down well.
Saltines when I was feeling really nauseated, till my stomach could settle and I could eat some other foods.

Cheese and crackers, peanut butter sandwiches, dried fruits, nuts, and fresh fruits and veggies. Those were my best snacks between meals to help combat the nausea.

Vitamin B6 and ginger are supposed to help, also.
I had really bad morning sickness with this current pregnancy. Foods I ate basically came down to "do I want to throw this up later?" Did I want to throw up milk? no. Iced tea? okay. Popcorn? big giant no. Peanut butter toast? okay. It was literally a joke. If I ate the last piece of cake, my husband would say, "are you just going to throw that up? Because if you are, you should just let me eat it instead of wasting it." Ah yes, spoken like a true husband.
Sour. I threw up 2 times a day for 10 weeks with my son. My best friend and I would joke about feeling like you are too long on a bad boat ride. But Sour Patch kids just made my day. If it could make me pucker, it made my stomach feel better. Sour lemon aid. Yum. It actually has to do with stomach acid - highly acidic foods cue our stomachs to turn it down a notch on acid production which can help reduce nausia (although sometimes when you are prego, nothing will). That's what I've been told at least. Ginger too is said to help. I never tried that since I stuck to sour. Good luck. It will go away... Eventually :^)
I do notice that sour apples and sour lemons seem to help. Thanks for all your responses.
ginger snap cookies
gingerale (mixed sometimes with water and juice)
sour candies
sourish fruit (strawberries, grapes, pineapple etc)
bland foods like saltines
oatmeal/cream of wheat
pb bread
jam toast

and eating often - every couple hours, eat smaller meals and inbetween snacks.

eat before bed, eat before you even get out of bed (like keep a bag of saltines by your bed!)

if it sounds good, try it. Even if its McDonalds fries - in the first trimester I just ate what was appealing and didnt worry too much about the calorie count. But within reason of course!!! McD's 3 times a day is not good. but once a day or a couple times a week getting a small fries, I say go for it. (And for note, I only gained 25 lbs with each pregnancy)
How many weeks were you when your morning sickness went away? Does it usually go away by 12 or 16 weeks?
Oh EmilyK that is awful, poor you! but yes, spoken like a true husband! lol

mine was much better by 12 weeks and totally gone by 16 weeks with all 3 pregnancies. the middle one was the worst, first and third were very similar. i found it harder to deal with the last 2 times as I had a child/children to take care of too. the first time around I could just care for me, and call in sick to work if I needed to.



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