I'm having our fourth child this month - and it's my first home birth. I'm so excited (and getting so ready) that I almost feel as though I'm not really afraid this time. I have complete trust in my midwife to know if I should transport, I'm excited about having a water birth in my living room... is there anything I should be afraid of? (While I've had 3 previous hospital births, 2 have been natural, so the pain doesn't really frighten me.)

Looking for more positive vibes!

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Be afraid of the people who will try to scare you. :)

You sound like you're in a great place, I'd say you have nothing to worry about but the people who might try to discourage you or change your mind. Only seek the positive and you should do great.

I'm having my first HB in April, and I simply avoid the subject with those I know will disagree. I'm more than happy to discuss HB when I'm NOT pregnant, but since emotions tend to run high for me during pregnancy, I like to keep it all upbeat.
Don't let any fear in, and you'll be fine! I had my first home birth (fifth child) this year, and it was absolutely wonderful. I had no fear, and even though he was a surprise breech everything turned out really well. He was born breech in the birthing tub in our bedroom, and now he is the sweetest little 4 month old. I would not change a thing! I know if I'd been in the hospital with him I would have ended up in surgery, and that makes me even more grateful that we planned a home birth with a wonderful midwife.

Best wishes to you and yours. I'm so excited for you!
Well, in Birthing From Within, it talks about how worry is the work of women. It helps us stretch and grow and look for better answers. If we didn't worry, then we wouldn't seek out better solutions. It's when worry and fear start to take over that you have problems. I think the best thing to do, is research any options and address any fears or worries that come up. Don't hide from them, but acknowledge them, stare them in the face and work through them. There are things that can happen that are scary...not just in birth, but in life. I agree, though, that surrounding yourself with positive stories is wonderful. Trusting your care provider is great. I guess I would say, fear is un-useful, worry and making sure that you are educated is useful. So, that said, there are risks to homebirth (as well as to hospital birth).

Keep in mind that I have done birth center births, but not home births....so this is all just me thinking:) I would say the biggest issue would be transportation issues if you needed it. I think of bleeding and things like abruption. Breathing difficulties with the infant would be another reason for a quick transfer for baby. Experience midwifes are adept at dealing with this. As birth advocates, we can't shy away from these facts, but again be willing to face them unafraid. And deal with them.

But....don't let fear rule you. Fear causes lots of interesting physical problems that can hinder labor and birth. I wrote pretty extensively on fear in this blog...http://www.crazibeautiful.com/Index.aspx?category=GirlfriendToGirlf.... Good luck!! Rachel



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