Does anyone know of a foundation (or something) that gives grants for homebirth?

My husband and I are both self-employed. We pay out-of-pocket for health insurance, but my insurance won't cover pregnancy without an expensive upgrade. When I was researching options, I found that I ctually qualify for CHP+. CHP+ isn't quite Medicaid (the income guidelines aren't as low), but it would cover my birth - likely in a hospital.

None of the homebirth CNMs or midwives can take CHP+, and the freestanding birth center doesn't take it, either.

I know it's possible to pay out of pocket, but taking on $4k in debt right when starting a family doesn't seem like a wise decision for us. Does anyone know of an alternate source of funding for homebirth? It's such a shame that CHP+ wouldn't reimburse the CNM at her full rate, when I'm sure it's cheaper than a hospital birth.

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Medicaid/CHIP does not cover homebirth or birth centers at all, in any area--federal guidelines prevent it. They will cover CNM if they work out of an OB office and deliver at the hospital (all bills will be put through via the OB's name). If you really want a HB then your only option is to make payments to the CNM (although I totally understand your apprehension about going into debt for it) or try to find a CNM in your area that will lower her rate since you have no coverage.

If this is just not an option for you and you are forced to have a hospital delivery to get coverage, try to find a CNM that works w/an OB office. Although this is not ideal it is better than simply going w/ an OB.

Good Luck!
Thanks, Sara. My mom is actually a CNM who works with a midwifery practice in a hospital, and they're the only hospital in Denver that does water births. And they take CHP+. So, that's definitely a viable option. I just really love the idea of a homebirth, so it looks like we'll have to make a decision between paying out-of-pocket for a homebirth, or going with the midwives at the hospital.



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