Gave boss maternity proposal 7 weeks ago -- still no answer. How to handle?

My boss and I kept saying we needed to get together to discuss my maternity leave, etc, but he is always so busy and stressed out that we never did. So finally, 7 weeks ago I sent him a letter with a maternity proposal in it.

As of now, he still hasn't given me an answer. We are a small company with only 6 employees, so he told me that he just hired an HR company and needs to consult with them. He finally wrote to me last week and said he was going to get together with them between Christmas and New Year, but I saw on his schedule he will be meeting with the HR company on 1/7.

My due date is February 18, so this is really driving me crazy. I asked for 4 unpaid months leave and a reduced work week when I return. I am worried because:

1. he has also been putting off meeting with me on projects, so I haven't been able to get nearly as much done as I'd like. I'm worried he's going to say "you can't take that much leave -- you have too much work to do." But it could've all been done by now! At one point he asked "why are we trying to get all this done so quickly? It seems like we're making unnecessary deadlines and pressure for ourselves." I said "because I'm having a baby soon and don't want to stick my coworker with too much work -- and because YOU'RE having a baby soon (his wife is due with her first baby 5 weeks after me) and the more I get done, the less projects you will have to contend with." He said, "I'm not worried about that."

2. My mother offered to watch the baby 2 days per week and my mother-in-law will watch her 1 day. I asked for a reduced work week in which I will work 3 days plus 1-2 hours on the other 2 days just to stay on top of things. Working the other two days will mean I'm just working to pay for daycare, so I don't really want to, BUT if he won't reduce my work week I need to know so I can find a suitable child care provider for the other 2 days.

So ANYWAY, do you think I have a right to be frustrated by this situation??? Because I am. How do you think I should handle it and why?

Does anyone know anything about my maternity rights as a pregnant woman working for such a small company? It seems like they are very few (FMLA does not apply to me), so I don't have much legal leverage for negotiation.

Thanks SO MUCH in advance!

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Unfortunately, you have very little rights in this situation. Hopefully, your boss will come through and provide answers quickly. Check out the following website. It an advocacy organization that is pushing to have laws changed so that every woman gets paid maternity leave among many, many other family related issues.

Good Luck!
I'd call him and have a chat to see what is going on, I'd also not entirely exclude the possibility of a change if things get out of hand, sometimes unfortunately or fortunately changing job is a possibility and who says it has to be a bad thing? It could be in fact the best one. Hope he'll be understanding and flexible, giving the fact he's more or less in the same situation family-wise.



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