Have any of you out there been diagnosed with gestional diabetes? Have you been able to keep it under control with diet? Has anyone had their dietition tell them about the glucose index or was it just instant "You need insulin"? I would just like to hear about any story reguarding this "disease". This is not meant for those that have type 1 or 2 diabetes prior to pregnancy.

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I had a client who was and they did pressure her to take insulin, but she refused. She controlled it just fine with diet and a nutritionist and had a 7lb baby.
I have not been "diagnosed" with GD. With my first pregnancy I tested a little high on the one hour and went to the 3 hour and passed that without a problem. I then continued to eat as I had previously (which was not good) and no one said word one. Evidently, my docs thought if you passed the test all was fine and nutritional counseling was not needed, nor was a mention that a 70lbs weight gain might night be a good idea. Until, at 39wk 5 days, they decided to do an ultrasound and said that my baby was too big (ultrasound said 8lbs 14 oz) and water was "a little low" and I needed to be induced that day. (Lead to c-section).

This time around when I tested a little higher on the one hour, I stopped and said to myself "Let's apply critical thinking here. What are you going to do take the three hour test and if you pass continue eating that same as before. Or worse if I don't pass- have that label and have to follow the diet and possibly risk out of home birth, etc." I talked to both my hospital midwife and homebirth midwife and stated that I would rather change my diet, monitoring everyday-having them review my food logs at appointments and test at home with a blood meter. They actually both stated that this is their preference but so few clients want to do it. A friend who is type one was gracious enough to loan me a meter and test strips (the most expensive part) and I have been testing 3 times a day since about 29 wks (now 37 1/2).

I am sooooo happy I chose this route. One” I feel so much better this pregnancy then my last. My diet is soooo much better. Two: my homebirth midwife made the comment that she really prefers this because often you'll test and everything seems fine and then in the last month you body goes, "Ugh, can't keep up and things change and you need to know that and be responsive". This exactly what happened. At first I saw I could have a cookie after dinner on dessert nights, especially if I exercised for 20 minutes or so afterward. And that, although I really followed a much healthier diet (no sugar beverages, no juice, whole wheat/whole grain breads, etc. lots of protein) I could be normal and have a dessert two days a week if I exercised. I never hit a high number.... until about 35 1/2 weeks. When my body did change and it didn't matter if I exercised I can't have any of the sweet stuff. (I hit about 4 high numbers-not obscene just not the numbers they give you-my midwife accepts 95 fasting, 140 1hr and 120 2hrs). I hit like a 141 and a 128 2hr, etc. And my fasting numbers started to rise going from 88 or so to 92, 94, etc. So I changed. I don't have anything sweet or processed. It's hard. I admit. But I am hitting the numbers and I keep thinking to myself "what really was happening in my body in my first pregnancy or could have happened in this pregnancy if I would have just taken the test and passed and then had no clue about that last month. Would my babies have been affected differently, better in the first and worse in this second pregnancy"

We discuss my blood sugar numbers, diet and exercise at every appointment and everyone is comfortable because of the effort I put into it. My homebirth midwife has said -if it comes to you needed some insulin, then you need some. I won't risk you out if it's just a little bit, but not to worry because she believes that everyone can spike a number if they tested three times a day for a month. She doesn't think she'd find a person out there who wouldn't whether pregnant or not.

So in short, no it wasn't go directly to insulin. I think you would be must happier and healthier if you tried to maintain with diet and exercise. Just don't stress about it. You can't be perfect but you can be much healthier. When I stress my husband just reminds me that this is how my body deals with pregnancy and that we are doing everything we can to be healthy and I can't be perfect just do the best with what I have.

If you care provided says go directly to insulin. Take a week get a meter and test. See what you can do. And get a second opinion based on that info.
How wonderful! Good job to you for taking the initiative to take control of your body and your diet to keep yourself low risk. I have a doula client who has had bad results with the 1 hour test and gone on to test fine with the 3-hour test. She's pregnant again and worried about GD. Do you have any specific dietary recommendations of what she can start doing now (in the 1st trimester) to keep her levels safely low?
I would definately have your friend get an HBA1C done. It will give her and her provider a good baseline of where she is. I would also have her talk about the glucose index with them and what they think about her eatting from that. My midwife has me eat from that and I can have what ever I want as long as it is under 50. I have yet to spike with a blood sugar check since eatting from the GI. I hope that helps.
I'm no expert on this, I can only base it on my own experience. I am amazed at how my water intake and regular exercise really affects my blood sugar. I ran until I was about 24 wks pregnant and made sure that if I did have anything sugary (like lemonade) I went for at least a twenty minute walk afterward. Now I still exercise 6 days a week. (If I don't blood sugar goes up). Those are the things that really help, exercising after eating anything that might affect your blood sugar and drinking a lot of water. (I'm run little test on myself-like waking up and testing my fasting blood sugar and then drinking two glasses of water and waiting 30 minutes and testing again blood sugar can go from 93 to 88).

Avoid stress, I went through a time when my numbers were elevated. I realized after that week and after I took the professional test I was studying for my numbers went back down. Stress will affect how you body does everything including processing sugar. Practice regular relaxation. I do hypnobabies. I feel better with this.

In general, keep protein high 65-85 grms a day. Don't eat anything refined, so whole wheat or whole grain toast and bread. I find white rice can really push me over the edge. Number one tip = no sugary beverages. This means no juices. And watch things like potatoes and sweet potatoes. It really just raises the blood sugar too high and for those of us with a pancreas that can't keep up in pregnancy it's just a no-no. My midwife always says "I don't care if you eat a case of apples-just no apple juice. Always have the fiber to balance it out." So if I crave something sweet it has to be a grapefruit.

I find that adding protein at almost every snack helps. So snacks are not just popcorn it becomes a chees slice and popcorn, or almonds and grapefruit. Also eating nuts at night really helps (for some odd reason). I find that yogurt and almonds can reduce your morning fasting blood sugar better than granola and milk. Hope that helps.
This is really helpful. Thank you!



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