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Almost every child care book offers the same advice about a baby's first meal.

When infants are ready for solid food, experts say, start them first on rice cereal, available in a box, mixed with breast milk or formula. Babies have launched their eating careers this way for 60 years, says Alan Greene, a pediatrician at Stanford University's Lucile Packard Children Hospital

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Go to for great info and recipes on how to make your own brown rice or steel cut oats baby cereal. Much cheaper and healthier than the dehydrated, overprocessed boxed variety.
Plus, whose child actually eats that? I could only get my babies to eat it (never rice, only oatmeal) when I used it to thicken veggie or fruit purees I made. Thanks Sara for the link.
Your welcome :) I mix the oatmeal with yogurt and/or fruit purees like you said (mixed it w/pumpkin over Thanksgiving and he loved it) now he's 9 mos and I put cinnamon in it while it cooks. His fav is w/banana dices in it. Also use the oatmeal powder to make turkey meatballs instead of breadcrumbs. Love the site I gave, I use it to make all my babyfood!



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