We we're on baby #3 and I have felt very strongly this time around to count protein grams.  With my other pregnancies I bought into the "Americans eat too much protein anyway" theory.  Well, turns out my average diet (low in dairy and small meat portions if any) is VERY low in protein (30g on average - should be 75-80!).  High in fruits and veggies, but that doesn't help the protein thing.  Do any of you have some good recipes that helped you meet your quota that aren't LOADED with calories/fat? (like peanut butter.  A serving is 1 TBS which has 7g protein but has half the fat you need for a whole day! yikes) Or doesn't include eating a whole chicken ;o)   I have, for the time, started drinking milk again (9g protein 100 cal per cup) and am just hoping my system doesn't rebel too badly!  I just feel like on my hypnobabies protein counter the servings are so large - eg: 1 cup cottage cheese = 30g protein.  Awesome!  But a CUP?  That is a lot of cottage cheese.  1/2 cup a day is about all I can handle.  Anyway, you get the idea.  Any tips? Tricks? Recipe ideas? Thanks!

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I know you want to minimize fat from protein, but from what I understand you are better served minimizing calories from everything else (almost all carbs) and using protein freely. Yes, you need a certain number of carbs to grow your baby and keep your ketones in check, but protein is the fundamental building block. Have eggs, lean meats, certain fish and dairy in abundance - plenty of veggies too! If you cut out all sweets and juices and are careful with other carbs, you are unlikely to gain excess fat.
- Shari
It's not the fat from protein. I just believe in eating meat sparingly. I must say I had to up the meat though - it is almost impossible unless you are a very practiced vegan/vegie already to do it other wise. I meant calories from having to take in so many whole grains, milk (which is hard on my system anyway), and veggies to make up for less meat. I felt like I was eating a supermarket! Eating a small portion of meat, at least for while I'm pregnant, is just easier :o)



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