My husband and I are currently trying to conceive our third child, but I am still nursing our second (she is 14 months). I had two periods this year (Jan. and Mar.) but haven't had one since and we have been not using birth control since July.
Is this normal to have a couple periods and then stop while nursing?
I do not have any thing to compare with between my first and second as I got pregnant with my second when my first was only 6 months old.
We are getting anxious to have another one. Do you think that I will have to wean my little girl if I want to get pregnant? Any advice and experiences would be greatly appreciated.


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When nursing my son I did not start having a period again until he was 15 months old. When it did return it was not regular and I would often skip a month or two before having another one. It did not become normal until he was about 2, at which time he was eating mostly food and nursed only 2-3 times a day. My MW told me I could concieve even w/irregualr periods. We weren't trying to concieve but never used anything to prevent it and I did not get PG.

Here are 2 links that talk about this issue, this is the info I looked up when I was wondering about the irregular periods and fertility during BF. Hope this helps :)
Thank you Sara for the links. I have been looking for some thing like this but had not been able to.
Welcome :) Hope they answered your questions. I agree with Gretchen. When your body is ready it will happen. In the meantime, have lots of fun trying ;)
Thanks, we will!!!
I just think you have to give it time. I started my cycle when my little one was 5 months old even though I was nursing 24 hours a day (I felt like). We were not really trying to get pregnant but we didn't stop it and my little one was 15 months old before I got pregnant again. It took around 10 months before my body was ready. I continued to nurse until he was 20 months. It all worked out really well. So I guess I am saying I don't think you will have to wean to get pregnant. I have lots of friends who are nursing and pregnant. Good LUCK
Thanks Gretchen. I did get pregnant while nursing my first.
I also got pregnant with my second while nursing my first. I never had a period and conceived after 7 months.



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