Gisele Bundchen's decision to birth at home was influenced by "The Business of Being Born"!

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen gave birth to her son at home, in the bath tub, and has said that she was influenced by "The Business of Being Born."  Click here to read more on!

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I read a post on about this and was really excited to hear about it until I read the comments and how people were calling her a liar cause it was painless to her or that she was just gloating and trying to put down other women that had pain while birthing in a hospital. It aggrivates me so much that people are so close-minded about Home Birthing especially when they hear that there was little to no pain involved - just because that's what they were told their whole have excruciating pain, you get drugged, then cut, then here's baby. I know I was one of those people till I heard about Home Birthing and I never went back to my old way of thinking. If only more people knew that there was more than one option for childbirth.
WHEE! Way to go girl!! That is really exciting that a supermodel would have a home birth/water birth!
Way to go Ricki and Abby! That is a huge compliment to your film. I hope women are intrigued rather than feel threatened by Gisele's birth story and decide to learn about NCB themselves.



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