Keep your thoughts focused on love, light & peace, dance and do yoga, then sit.

Your thoughts influence your baby. Send loving kind thoughts each day.  
Later on, baby will pick up vibrations when sitting on your lap. 
Focus on the breath...Breathe in and breathe out. Go with the flow. 

post  partum doula & teacher
Linda Rose

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Good advice. When I am nursing and rocking my baby to sleep I will repeat "peace" over and over and focus on breathing deep and slow. She always falls asleep quickly when I do that, if she senses that I'm stressed or have something on my mind, she will not always fall asleep peacefully. Babies really pick up on emotions and energy.
My mom always repeated, "Where do you live? Ellysee Way" over and over again. Then when I was about 18 months old, I got out of the house, following our dog, when they were building a barn in our back yard (mom thought I was still sleeping). I walked down the street and around the corner where a man sitting on his porch saw me. He approached me and asked "where do you live" (expecting me to look in that direction). I responded "Ellysee Way". He asked me to follow him and we walked back to Ellysee Way, where everyone was out looking for me at this point.

My mom also used to sing my name to me. I sat up and corrected her once when she stopped half way cause she thought I was asleep.
WONDER_full to read your stories. Your babies are so blessed to have loving nurturing Mother Love. blessings,
Thanks for sharing this. I will definitely do this. I believe that a Mother's emotions really affects a baby's development.


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