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That is a great article....thanks for sharing it!
Abby, Thank you for posting this article. I plan on sharing it with my family when I broach the subject of wanting a VBAC homebirth. I really want to thank you and Ricki for publishing "My Best Birth." I read it in a single night and gave me the push I needed to explore better birthing options for me and my family. I always felt a little unsettled by the fact that I had a scheduled C-section for a "too big baby," but I just thought that was something I had to accept. Thanks for opening my eyes and continuing to share information with the women on this site so they can educate their friends and family members!
Great link Abby! I aleady posted it to my facebook page. Pass it on everyone.
It is great that public awareness is continuing to rise!
It is important to realize that hospitals are a business. Yes, they are very important and a doctor's advise is good... however.... the insurance company decides what will be paid for and then effects what the doctors prescribes for treatment. Think about who educates the doctor about the new treatments and medications?



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