Here is a group that I am not affiliated with which is gathering information about flu vaccination and it's possible effects on pregnancy. This is for women who would like to report any problems they have experienced after flu vaccination.

Another way to report possible side effects is to lodge a report with VAERS, which enables reporting on ALL vaccinations available in the States.

Data collection is important in order to address safety issues, so if you have experienced any problems after accepting a flu vaccine during pregnancy, please consider reporting your issue to VAERS or the women's group below.

National Coalition of Organized Women

From Laboring Women To Labor Unions - We Move As One!

Public Service Announcement

Consuela Sylvester, Director

Ohio Chapter - National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW)

(614) 893-8775

Eileen Dannermann, Standing Director

National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW)

(631) 907-4050

To All Women who recently suffered a Miscarriage, Stillbirth or who are Currently Pregnant

As a public health service to women, the Ohio Chapter of the National Coalition of

Organized Women (NCOW) is currently collecting data from women who have experienced

miscarriage, stillbirth or complication in their pregnancy within one week of being

administered the seasonal flu or the H1N1 vaccine.

Data is being collected as a public service and will be submitted to Congress and the

appropriate Public Health Service Agencies.

Please contact Connie at OHIODirectorNCOW@yahoo or 614-893-8775

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Please be sure to tease apart "causational" and "correlational" relationships when gathering your data. Miscarriages are extremely common, and automatically extrapolating a "cause and effect" relationship from the temporal association of a vaccine and a negative pregnancy outcome is poor epidemiology practice at best, and an outright witch hunt at worst. Unvaccinated pregnant women must be included in the analysis as well, and their outcomes compared to the vaccinated groups before judgement is passed.
I believe that natural, unmedicated childbirth is best. I believe that unecessary interventions may cause more harm than good for babies and mothers. And I believe these things based on compelling evidence that supports this.
As a firm believer in unbiased, placebo-controlled, evidence-based medicine, I had to speak my peace. Please be careful in how you gather and interpret data. Thank you.



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