Ha Ha Ha! New Article on Vaccinations....Really?

"Out of 13 million Californians who were vaccinated for H1N1, three people died. Nationwide, with more than 120 million doses of H1N1 vaccine distributed, 8,294 "adverse events" have been reported to the CDC. For people still hesitant about getting vaccinated, this is excellent news, says Carol Glaser, a viral-disease expert with the Department of Public Health's Center for Infectious Diseases in Richmond, Calif.  When parents who are wary of vaccinating their children come to her clinic, she tells them there's no reason to worry: "You now have the luxury of 3½ months of data that couldn't be more reassuring." 

-US News and World Report, Feb 7, 2010

Oh wow, a whole 3 and a half months of data?  That's reassuring?  I know I shouldn't be laughing, and that 8,294 adverse events are not funny, but the way "experts" think is amusing to me.  

Plus, the best comment under the article:

"And the brakes on your Toyota are safe."

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The brakes on my Toyota are fine! Unfortunately they are no match for my faulty accelerator.

We haven't had the vaccine and we've had ZERO adverse events. I think my odds are better. :)
Well, adverse events could range from injection site discomfort to fevers to death (extremely rare). You have (approximately) a 1 in 10,000 chance of dying from H1N1 infection versus a 1 in 4.3 million chance of dying from the vaccine. It strictly depends on your perception of risk. I understand the debate over vaccines, but after one of my patients' 30 year-old (previously healthy) granddaughter died from H1N1 in November, it has really made me think about the balance of risk between the illness itself and the risk of the vaccine. I support minimal use of interventions (including meds) that result in the greatest health outcomes. I support healthy lifestyles (exercise, natural diets, etc) and PREVENTION of disease. I support natural childbirth. I support the safety of homebirths. I support these because of the wealth of non-biased scientific literature that supports them.
I've yet to see a study that indicates that the risk of vaccines for influenza outweigh the risk of illness, especially in populations prone to complications from illnesses.
I am not trying to be controversial or blatantly confrontational--a "Dr. Amy", if you will. I am merely presenting a side I feel needs to be addressed for those on the fence about vaccines. Of course, it is always your choice. But to immediately villify information issued from the "traditional medical establishment" as deceitful or subversive is ill-advised, in my opinion.
Again, just my opinion.
I actually agree. Actually, there's no reason why the H1N1 vaccine shouldn't be more effective than a regular flu shot. Regular influenza shots are manufactured with a projected idea of what the next flu virus mutation will be. Whereas H1N1 is a pinpointed mutation, that now has a pinpointed vaccine. Essentially, it's the same thing as a seasonal flu shot, it's just more specific.
My only issue with the vaccine is being pregnant, I'd rather not get it in the early stages. I'm waiting until my mid-pregnant to get it. That's simply because I'd rather not expose my baby to anything (vaccine related or not) while it's growing feet.
And Katie, as for being a Dr. Amy, you aren't. No worries.
Hmm, this is interesting. I've been thinking about your point of view, and I agree with you, Katie, about the prevention of disease. However, I do believe there is a lot of propaganda out there, and that the majority of the articles written about vaccinations are pro, for a reason. I watch how the CDC follows outspoken critics around, and insists on a contradicting statement after they speak on the air. I don't think it's ill-advised to question the establishment, and ask why it's so important to get people to submit immediately to these new drugs, vaccines, and procedures. About 60 percent of Americans are waiting and watching, and not getting the H1N1 vaccine, and I think they are wise. How many mistakes, with horrible consequences, have the medical and drug companies admitted to years later, and then quietly taken the product off the market, or changed the rules in hospitals without apologies to those they have harmed? And yes, I understand the infection can kill, however, that is what we live with on this earth. Look at Haiti and the Indian Ocean tsunami. On the other side, I don't think that even ONE death from a man-made vaccine is acceptable.
What a luxury. 3 1/2 whole months of data. smh
Every choice we make involves risk. Every individual needs to do their homework, calculate the risk, and decide which possible out come they are willing to live with. Personal responsibility seems to be something most people don't want to take when it comes to consequences.

To sight the Toyota metaphor if I may. The accelerator in my Toyota is faulty. That is Toyota's fault. They told me about it, they accepted responsibility. If I choose to drive it still and I get hurt, that's my fault. But in THIS country, I can still sue the pants off of them. Lame.



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