At 10 weeks, I lost the baby (9 days ago) & my midwife says that everything will naturally come out. But I'm afraid, what if it doesn't? What if somethings left behind & causes me to not be able to get pregnant again? When I express my concern to my midwife, she says that I will bleed till everythings out. Does anyone have any experience with this at all?

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Hi yes i had 2 natural miscarriages in 2010 i was pregnant with twins (which we didn't know at the time). My 1st one was lost at 6 weeks and i bled for 11 days after. My 2nd twin was lost at 16 weeks and i bled for around 9 days. I was told to book a follow up appointment with my gp, they took my bp and temp and it came back normal which indicated that there was nothing left over and i was also told to take a hpt after i stopped bleeding and if it came back positive then they would scan to find out if there was anything left in there.

Yes, 2. Both times, I stayed home. Sad as it is, it's not as hard as birthing a full term live baby, & I figured if I could birth a 9 lb baby at home, I could surely do  a tiny fetus at home too. But after the 1st one , I kept bleeding profusely, so went in and had a D&C, which only took about 2 hrs. We went in soon enough that I didn't need any blood transfusions. The 2nd time it went smoother, and I didn't loose much blood at all.

If fragments are retained, you will keep bleeding more and more until they pass or go in and get them scraped out. If it is a normal miscarriage, you will bleed only as much as a slightly heavy period. Once the fetus has passed, bleeding will  gradually slack off. So, relax, I'm sure everything will be okay. take your temp frequently, as a fever is another sign, along with increased bleeding, that something is indeed left inside. Most of the time,  everything passes at once. On the rare occasions when it doesn',t your body will give clear signals it needs help getting cleaned out. Your midwife is right.

Thank you for your replies.  Im so sorry for your loss.  Its an awful thing to go through and I cant imagine losing twins :(  Today was the first day in 10 days that I have almost no blood, so Im thinking Im ok? Im just going to trust my midwife because surely there will need to be trust there when I do get pregnant again and hopefully go through 9 months.  


Thanks again.

LADIES--were you able to get pregnant after your miscarriages?  How long afterward did you start trying?  How long did it take?  And finally, did you have a healthy 9 month pregnancy following the miscarriage?


THANK YOU...I dont know what id do without this forum!

My mother had three miscarriages before she had me and went on to have 8 healthy children.
I got pregnant again after one normal period. The obgyn at the hospital recommended waiting 2-3 periods but I did a lot of research and found no reason to wait more than one period(this is true only when you don't need a d&c)
Your chances of another miscarriage are no greater because you had one already and a lot of women are very fertile after a mc.
Make sure you are emotionally ready to get pregnant again. The worst part of having a mc for me, was all the extra worrying once I was pregnant again.
I just gave birth three weeks ago to a beautiful boy!
Congratulations Jenn G, what an amazing story!  I hope to have the same! :)  Did you have a home birth?  How was your birth experience?

First I am so deeply sorry for your loss. I found many blogs out there that helped me. Just reading other women's stories makes it a little less scary and I also bought a photo done by Carly Dudley ( My miscarriage in July of 2010, passing the baby on the 18th and found out I was pregnant August 16th. The very next month with out having had a menstrual showing between. I am now almost full term and expect no issues with birth. 


I know how hard it is to trust after loss, but you can do it.  You will go on to have beautiful healthy babies, give yourself time to grieve and put your baby to rest. Each and every baby we carry is precious and we love each forever. Much love to you.

Thank you Abigail.  Are you planning on having a home birth?
Yes! We are planning a water birth at our home. Our son now 2.5yrs was a Home water birth with a TBA as there are no midwives here in our area. The single most amazing experience of my life, and my husband says the same. Water Birth is not an option at the hospitals here so staying home is really the only way for me. I love the birth pool :)

Hi Cheryl,

I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriage.  I remember the first couple weeks after my miscarriage being enormously challenging and I just want you to know that I'm thinking of you.  

I miscarried my first pregnancy at 8 weeks and bled for about ten days afterwards. My doctor advised us that while my next period was likely to be a couple weeks late, there was no reason to stop trying and that we would get pregnant again when my body was ready. Turns out my body was ready quite quickly. We were pregnant within a month (our due date is actually this Friday, April 1) - but counting back days, it would literally have been the result of our first intimate encounter after the miscarriage.

When I saw my doctor to have this pregnancy confirmed she told me that women are particularly fertile after a miscarriage and that most women have a pleasant and uncomplicated subsequent pregnancy.  While obviously this would not be everyone’s experience, it has certainly been true in my case. 

Very best of luck to you Cheryl.

First I want to say sorry for your loss.  Only those who have had a miscarriage know the pain of losing a baby.


I had a miscarriage in Jan. 2010 at 11 weeks and everything came out naturally.  I bled for a little over a week and that was it.  As for getting pregnant after the miscarriage I waited three months and got pregnant on the first try and we were blessed with a precious little boy on January 10, 2011.




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