At 10 weeks, I lost the baby (9 days ago) & my midwife says that everything will naturally come out. But I'm afraid, what if it doesn't? What if somethings left behind & causes me to not be able to get pregnant again? When I express my concern to my midwife, she says that I will bleed till everythings out. Does anyone have any experience with this at all?

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Congratulations Jennifer on your new baby!! I hope to one day say the same. :)  Did you have a home birth?

Yes I did have a home birth.  In fact it was my third home birth.  I have had all three of my children at home with the same midwife.  They were the most empowering and wonderful experiences in my life.


This is little slideshow of the birth with my little boy born in Jan.


Cannot wait to hear of some happy news from you!



I am very sorry for your loss.

I had 2 early miscarriages where I just bleed it all out.

However, if you are 10 weeks, I think it would be good to be checked by a doctor because you are a bit farther along, and I heard it can be dangerous for the woman if she continues to bleed for a long period of time.

Thank you for your response Ashley. Have you gotten pregnant since?

Hi Cheryl,

Yes.  I am actually 7 weeks pregnant right now.  Hopefully this pregnancy will be the one that bring us the baby we have been hoping and praying for.

Oh Laney.  Im so sorry to hear of your multiple miscarriages.  Your first one sounds very similar to my experience.  Yesterday was day 12 for me and finally i quit bleeding.  So, you never had to get a dnc or scraping?  They say 80% of miscarriages happen before 12 weeks, so thats a great sign you are at 14.  I cant imagine how difficult it was for you to go through 3 miscarriages.  I wish you the best for a healthy, wonderful birth.  are you having a home birth?

yes, when i found at 11wks that i lost my baby around 8wks i opted to m/c naturally.  they will monitor your HCG levels which indicates that everything passes.  If the levels stay high, it hasn't and if it stays that way for so long you'll have a D&C.  for me it went way down after i passed most of the mass about a week after finding out and starting to spot.  but my levels were still a little elevated, a few days later i passed a few more clots and then the levels were all low and back to non-pregnancy levels.

I started bleeding about 3 days after finding out about the baby's loss and bled for 28days total from that day on.  started off spotting, then a week later passed most of the mass, then more bleeding for 2 weeks that slowly dwindled to spotting and finally stopped.



I have had 3 miscarriages that were all natural and ranged in weeks from 4-8 weeks. Everything went fine and all washed out as it was supposed to. I have not been able to maintain a pregnancy, which might be more of my body's issues than anything else b/c many women I have talked to have had natural miscarriages (sometimes multiple) and went on to carry multiple healthy babies to term! My hormone levels returned to normal on all three and periods came as usual the following months. 

My husband and I went in for our first ultrasound at 9 weeks and they didn't find a heartbeat. It "says" the baby stopped growing around 8 weeks. I was sent for a second ultrasound that day. (my Dr. is an advocate of natural birth) I am now waiting to miscarry. The wait is awful. I have yet to spot and I still feel pregnant. Does anyone know how long I can wait for natural miscarriage? I am 36 and overwhelmed. Does anyone have any advice getting thru this waiting time. Could the ultrasound be wrong? I don't want to get my hopes up. 

Cheryl, did you receive healthy post-care and preparation for another conception?


My best,

Did any of you experience labor pains/contractions with your miscarriage? I started bleeding at 11 weeks. In addition to the bleeding, throughout the next week I had three different periods of pretty intense labor - 5 hours one day, 5 hours the next, then a few days break before I had about 3 hours more labor and passed the baby at 12 weeks. I've had two natural births, and I would say that I experienced about 80% of the pain of giving birth naturally to a full term baby.

I think our bodies were designed to give birth, and to also know what to do with a miscarriage. We choose to miscarry naturally at home, but we did go into my doctor afterwards for a consultation. It was the most difficult thing I've ever had to get through. We just waited for one period after the miscarriage, before 'letting it happen if it happened'. I got pregnant again 3 months after our miscarriage. Today I am 6 months along! :)

Cheryl, I am so sorry for your loss. Are you pregnant again, or are you just starting to try?

Hi Rebecca,

I found out at 9 weeks there was no hearbeat. At ten and a 1/2, I passed the baby.

I chose to naturally miscarry too.  The ten days from the ultrasound to the actual beginning of "labor" was very difficult. I don't have children, this was my first pregnancy, but I did not feel that I experiened a "bad" period. Those must have been closer to contractions (but I don't have a frame of reference). I too felt my body would know how to handle the miscarriage. If I  believe in natural birth and was in no danger of infection, I also believe  natural miscarriage was the best decision for me. I am glad I took this route.

I began spotting Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon my water broke. I began to get lower back tension- I don't like the word pain- pain is different than muscles contracting causing discomfort. Within two hours I passed the baby, a small sac one side being the placenta. I could see the baby whole in the middle. The face was about the size of my pinky nail. 

I thought-"That was it?"- aside from the emotion of seeing the baby, I expected something more physically exhausting- it was not "it" - for the next 5 hours I began to pass very large clots and bleed heavily with the worst tension- okay this was pain- but it was a contraction, not a cramp! I could feel one begin, I would push, my hubby would rub my back in a downward motion and out would come a clot. The last thing I passed in it's entirety was the uterine lining. In order to get it to pass- I could tell something big was coming and was having a hard time passing, I began to rub my fundus, the top of my uterus. Once I began that, it passed quickly. It was pretty big and kind of looked like chicken skin. The minute that passed the contractions stopped and my bleeding immediately receded to a light spotting. The spotting lasted for a couple of days. (PS- having pedialyte on hand was great, helped to keep me hydrated!)

When I visited my OBGYN a few days later- she said I looked great. Was surprised at how little I was swollen. No one prepared me for how sore I was for the next few days. Going to the restroom was hard.

I am now waiting for my cycles to resume. It has been almost a week since I miscarried. Looking forward to trying  again and hoping that all is well the next time around. 

I am so sorry for everyone's loss. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to face. Much love to you all. 



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