At 10 weeks, I lost the baby (9 days ago) & my midwife says that everything will naturally come out. But I'm afraid, what if it doesn't? What if somethings left behind & causes me to not be able to get pregnant again? When I express my concern to my midwife, she says that I will bleed till everythings out. Does anyone have any experience with this at all?

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Yeah.  And it all happened.  Everything was fine.  If you're concerned, get an ultrasound after a week.  They would be able to see retained tissue.  Most of the time though--there's no issue at all.  The really scary intervention that could affect future fertility is the D&C--you do not want this.  If you need it, by all means...but there's not a high chance you would need it.  If you become feverish, ER. 

I'm going through this now with a natural mc.

At 9 weeks, our little one had no heart beat and the waiting the two weeks for the physical release was torturous. After nine days of waiting, it really started to take it's toll on me emotionally. I could feel myself sliding down the rabbit hole and reached out to some friends for support when I could finally start to talk about it.

The physical part started five days ago with some spotting and the next day it really came on. I had hours of the contractions / cramping and passed a few large clots. When the last one came, I felt immediate relief.

The next day I felt drained and had some mild cramping. But the last day and a half have been very painful cramping. Not the contraction type cramps I had days ago, but pretty relentless and 800 mg of ibuprofen makes little difference. The bleeding is moderate. Anyone had the cramps go on for days?

This was my first, very wanted pregnancy at a very young forty. I am very hopeful to try again thanks to hearing all of you.



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