The pediatrician is sending us to a plastic surgeon on Thursday and he is supposed to tell us what it is. It seems like we should be seeing a dermatologist though. It's not painful and she's had it since birth although it has gotten darker - more like a deep purple instead of pink. I think it might be something called hemangioma. Any thoughts??

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not sure but she is adorable! best wishes getting a diagnosis. it could be a hemangioma, but it is big. good sign that there is hair growing out of it.
I definitely am not an expert, but I have seen a few documentaries/shows on this. I am guessing they are worried because it is changing colors so quickly. Has is grown in size or elevation since birth? I do know if there is a risk of it "bursting" or bleeding they will do a surgery to try to get most of it off before that happens. Every show I have seen, the children were sent to a plastic surgeon. I believe laser treatment was done on a couple of them to prevent it from progressing.

Please let us know what the surgeon said. You can always request a referral to a dermatologist if it would make you feel more comfortable to get more than one opinion.

Your daughter is just precious. :)
My son has a very small hemangioma right between his butt cheeks. Its about the size a quarter and he has had it since birth. He is five years old now. The docs kept telling me it would go away as he got older, but it hasn't and I don't think it will . It dosn't bother him so we have just left it alone. Your daughters is bigger, and I know they are not painful. They probably sent you to a plastic surgoen because it has to be surgically removed. A dermatologist does not have that skill to operate, especially on her head. Good luck with everything and I hope everything works out. She's a beautiful little girl!
The plastic surgeon said it was a hemangioma. He said we didn't need to do anything to it unless it started to spread. I didn't want to do anything anyways. They would have to put her to sleep and the laser that they use is the same laser they use for laser hair removal. That means she couldpermanently lose her hair there. I would rather have a red spot than no hair!! The plastic surgeon said the color change was a good thing. He said it gets darker when its starting to go away. It should be gone be the time she's 3 or 4.



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