Help!!! Cloth Diapering Moms: Which brand of Prefolds are best??

Which is the best quality, fit, price, etc.: Cotton Babies Unbleached Indian Prefolds, GMD (Green Mountain Diapers) organic prefolds, OR Niki's Diapers Smart Fit organic or Bamboo/Organic Cotton Prefolds???

Also what about GMD fitteds & Smart Fit FItteds??

This would be my first stash used from day one! I plan on using this with at least 2 children. I keep going back and forth on brand, but thinking maybe I should try a few of each to see what I prefer-but the prices do keep me from being too adventerous lol. I know I want to EXCLUSIVELY CD using prefolds & wool covers (maybe 1 or 2 PUl covers-haven't decided). I want the most economical and natural way to cloth diaper as possible : ) Thank you mamas!!

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Niki's diapers smart fit organic are better brand prefolds. Cloth diapers are better because it will save your money. They are healthier for your baby too


I got the indian prefolds from and they are AMAZING. Very absorbent! 



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