Please Join my group, Im on a mission to advocate humane natural teen birth and parenting for all our young girls. We have to face it that teenage girls are gonna keep getting pregnant and we cant just focus on birth control, abortion or adoption. These teens are the next generation of mothers and we need to educate them on making sound, evidence based, maternity care decisons. Im not gonna keep quiet anymore and I want to raise awareness for the young women of my generation who deserve respect and dignity in birth!

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Good for you! Have you ever thought about being a doula for teen mothers?   You can actively educate and encourage natural childbirth.  good luck!

yes i have im actually in the mist of getting dona certified and would like to do volenteer doula work for the woman at my local redfield house (apt building for single moms in need).
Hi! Where are you located? I am also just beginning my doula certification process and see a huge need for teen support and education. Would love to connect more with you. My email is
im in mass and id like to chat to my email is and be expecting an email from me soon
That is wonderful! Good luck to you,



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