HELP PLEASE [lots of medical issues along with my attempted VBA3C]

first and foremost i have endometriosis. i went through 8 months of testing and finally figured out what it was. i had a laproscopy done about 3 months ago and had all the lesions and scar tissue removed. however, after 2 months it is back. so now... well where to start.i went back to my doctor today and got not such good news. First off i have to have a hysterectomy. however, since i want to have another baby he is going to buy me time. He is putting me on an
injection called lupron depot.basically what that does is put me into
menopause. :( number 1 side effect he says is bitchyness..ugg. here is a
link on it if you are curious..
anyways,im waiting on my insurance to approve it because its 1,000 bucks a shot..yikes! so i have to get one shot once a month for six months.
the purpose of it is to get rid of all the hormones in my body, because
that is what my endometreosis is feeding off that way if i dont
have any it will die off.then after 6 months of the shots. i will go in
for another laproscopy surgery.He will go in thru my belly botton again
with a scopy.he will then enter a dy into my tubes to see if they are
cleared out. [thats why i have been having infertility].if it is gone
and they are cleared then i will be put on the pill for a few months to get me back on track then i can begin trying to concieve. its not a
garuntee seeing that endometreosis is the 2nd leading cause of
infertility in the world. :( however, prayers to us that we can.then
after baby i will have a hystorectomy.not sure if i have to have a full
or partial, we wont know that until he goes into look.
so i guess what my question is, is that knowing i will have to have a hystorectomy directly after baby is it still possible for me to have a vba3c when needing that, and also b/c of the fact of my endometriosis and have the laprosccpy done???

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he actually is my second opinion..he is a really good doctor.i have already had it removed once and it came back in 2 he was wanting to do it to solve the problem.however, i was curious why he cant go back in thru the scope and remove the scar tissue out of my tubes rather than having the shots??
I would get a 3rd opinion. I'm sure from a doctor/surgeon point of view it makes much more sense to do a c-section and hysterectomy at the same time. But hysterectomy has its own side-effects and it may effect breastfeeding etc., as full hysterectomy obviously puts you into instant menopause.
ya well well i went in and he told me all this it was a lot of info at i was overwhelmed and did not ask all questions i wanted to.i go back tomorrow and i will be asking him to do the lap instead of injections.
as for the hystorectomy i will worry about that when it gets closer.
I had to take Lupron with doing my Surrogate son i was on it for a good 2 months, it not that bad and for me i didnt have a lot of the side effects that they say that you can get thank god lol. I think that he cant go back in to get the scar tissue because you have to much as it is and doing surgery causes scar tissue too.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that you will be able to get prago soon.
thank you.i have to be on the shots for 6 months and am so nervous of side eased my mind some:) please everyone keep me in your prayers.
I will be praying for you
may i ask why you were on the lupron?
Ya i was on it to become a surrogate, they have to like you said put you in menopause so your dont get praggo with your own baby and then give you all kinds of other meds to make your lining thick and ready to be praggo. I was on it 2-3 months, closer to 3 months i think. It was not that bad for me.
Hope you will be lucky and be the same=-))



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