Brenda's husband, Michael Capps, posted this to the Birth Freedom Network of California facebook page (

"after 22 years of faithful midwifery ministry the Ca Medical Board came into our home and arrested Brenda Capps on Thursday Nov. 15th 2012 around 11-AM. Brenda works under The Religious Exemption Clause and has every client sign the form for her care. We have obtained an outstanding attorney (David Faulkner of Bakersfield) and the Midwives all over Ca and USA and even out of the country are calling and in support. We seek your prayers. My wife is fearful. We are staying with her at all times. We will fight this to victory. All babies due are being delivered by other midwives in support of midwifery. Brenda Capps works as a Christian Domiciliary Midwife and within her rights of the law. The MB people who were all over our home with guns took $500.00 cash money from Brenda's desk that was her birthday money. They indeed are real low class and nasty people of evil."

BFNC: "Brenda's attorney has astutely recognized that the CA medical board is on a "mission" to purge CA of midwives. They're going after any kind of infraction, and we need everyone in this group, and all of your friends, to write letters to the California legislature. It will only take a few minutes of your time, so please help now!"

Daja Abdelaziz Gombojav "There were no reports filed against Brenda. She had no bad outcomes that sparked this. The medical board is on a witch hunt. Hard to understand and yet that is the truth. There is a serious attack on our liberties!

There was so much talk in the last election about a "war on women." Well, this is a true war on women. The medical board doesn't believe we should be able to decide where we want our babies born, how we want them born or who we want to attend us. They want their piece of the financial pie--and that happens we they enforce fees and licensing. It's not just an attack on Brenda's right to practice midwifery in a way consistent with her religious beliefs and conscience, it's also an attack on every birthing woman. This is a true feminist issue."


My name is Nikki and Brenda was my midwife for both of my children, and I pray that she will be my midwife for anymore children I have. I ask anyone for assistance. We need to fight back. California can not do this to us. We cannot afford to lose even a single midwife in this battle. They are too precious! Please help in anyway. To add, The Capps family is struggling in being able to afford daily living plus all of the legal costs. Donate if you can here:


Help me save midwifery in California! In a country with such a terribly flawed medical system, particularly when it comes to pregnancy and birthing, Brenda is absolutely invaluable. 


I had blogged about it earlier here before I found this forum:

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