I am a l&D nurse with a very natural bent. I am seeking peoples advise on how to help women through transition when they ask for a epidural. Usually these are women who are trying to go natural, but aren't completely dedicated like you have to be usually. So, they'll get to the transition point and of course being fighting there fears that they can't do this anymore. I am horrible at working with them through this point. I'm just curious, what has helped anyone out there to make it through this point? I'm hoping to get some good ideas. Also, it's kind of a tricky point because some women really would rather have the epidural and get mad if they don't get it while others just need encouragement. Just looking for advice in this area. Thanks.

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I've been thinking about this as well because when I went thru it with my 1st son no one fought to keep me on path. The pain meds were quickly rushed in and I've felt let down by the staff and my husband ever since. I think the best thing for me would have been diversion tactics such as asking me to just breath thru this one contraction and know that it is bringing my baby closer. Also, to remind me that the very fact I'm asking for an epi is a great sign because it means I'm in transition and it's almost done and if I can stick it out just two more minutes let's see how it goes. It's really all about getting thru the next minute or contraction or whatever. Bless you for making this attempt... I wish my L & D nurses were better educated in how to support a woman wishing for natural CB.
So what helped yesterday (yup! had my babe yesterday morning! lol) was dh encouraging me as i screamed and practically climbed into his arms. heh good thing he is strong and doesnt ever take offence to anything i demand in labor. he finds it all funny later...

dh asked at a couple points when there was a rest point between contrax... "what does your gut tell you" and i was able to tell him 2 more contrax to pushing, or earlier it was simply that i was close. i could feel i was sooo close, started to feel like pushing at the end of the last 4-5 contrax... i knew i was accurate.

also, i knew it was too late for meds for me, even if i wanted them. all i could do was go forward and hang on tight. and ya know, that helped too...
CONGRATULATIONS on having your baby!! that's wonderful news!! so glad your hubs was encouraging - it's such a blessing to have a husband to advocate for you!
What I found helpful for myself in labor and for when I was supporting my sister-in-law in her labors, was realizing that when I hit transition that meant I was getting really close and soon I'd be pushing my baby out. I have though sometime like "when it gets so bad I think I can't do it anymore, that means I"m almost done." Also the thought that time goes by at a different speed...like 20 min will feel like 5 minutes, and that dilation can change so quickly. (This happened to my SIL, she felt like she couldn't do it anymore and asked to be checked and the nurse said she was only a 6 and literally 3 contractions later the baby was crowning.)



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