I am not pregnant right now, but have finally convinced my husband to *let* me have a home birth with #3, when that time comes.  I have already started talking to the midwives in my area, and have one major concern...  After my #1, I had cervical cancer and the treatment left me with an incompetent cervix.  I had a cerclage with #2, and a fairly uneventful pregnancy other than that. 


The midwife I spoke with earlier this week mentioned something about false unicorn root (?) and it maybe being an option instead of a cerclage, but she hadn't yet had a client use that instead of the cerclage, so I thought I would reach out to the natural birth community for answers.


Has anyone used it, or know of people who have, or does anyone know of other natural ways to manage incompetent cervix (my cervix began opening at 6 weeks, with interuterine bulging (?) and funneling from the inside out, according to my medical records), and does anyone know of any other websites I can visit for more information on this? 


I am also hoping to find tips for strengthening the amniotic sac as I had *premature rupture of membranes* at 38 weeks with both of my boys and labor did not start on its own by the dreaded 12 hour mark, so I was put on pit.  I am working on getting myself in great shape, and super healthy right now (exercise, good healthy food, etc) before I get pregnant again.

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I can't recommend red raspberry leaf tea enough for women's health and during pregnancy...especially during pregnancy and nursing. It is considered a "tonic" which tones your uterus. RRL tea also has essential trace minerals and calcium. It will help nourish your body and help your uterus.

With both of my homebirths, my bag of waters never broke until mere seconds before the baby came out. On my first homebirth, my midwife commented on how strong my bag was. My second homebirth followed suit...at least in that part of the delivery :)

As far as diet goes, getting enough healthy fats is key to building up your body for baby. Unrefined organic coconut oil, cod liver oil (preferably fermented), grass-fed meats, pastured chicken eggs and raw, grass-fed milk are all extremely beneficial in aiding your body to heal and repair. You also need lots of protein while pregnant and from my previous experiences, my midwife explained to me that you could almost never get enough protein. Because protein does not absorb without vitamin a, it is important you have enough of that. I have found great balance in the fat soluable vitamins, which lay the ground work in your body to absorb almost every other nutrient, in the fermented cod liver oil and butter oil together.

Kegel, kegel and more kegel exercises. I know this strengthens everything ....I'm sure you have probably already heard this or have been doing it :)

I have no other advice other than to try these things and see if it helps. I know it has helped me and many others I know, have healthy pregnancies and biriths :)
I second all of this advice!! I would only add that nettles is a great addition to your diet. you can make a tea with along with the red raspberry leaf. high in iron and minerals and great nutritive for pregnant women. Susun weed has a great herbal called "herbs for the child bearing year".
One other thing though reading that your husband "is letting" you have a homebirth... struck me ..weird... but maybe you were joking?
Oh yes...nettles!! I buy a pre-mixed herbal tea called Mama's Red Raspberry Leaf tea. It has nettles already added to it and a tad of peppermint to give it a nice flavor but my brain is failing me in remembering what else is in it...there are few other things but its all the good stuff. I love it hot at night and cold during the day with honey.

I love Susun Weed too :)
One other thing though reading that your husband "is letting" you have a homebirth... struck me ..weird... but maybe you were joking?

I think she meant her husband is consenting to support her desire to have a home birth even though he may be uncomfortable with it.

This was/is so my husband. It's taken him almost the entirety of my pregnancy, I'm now 35 weeks, to not turn white when our home birth is mentioned. It definitely scared him a lot at first.

Anyhow, off subject. My step mom had an incompetent cervix for the same reason, and lost her first child at 23 weeks because her ob failed to realize the procedure she'd had a year prior to conceiving might present a problem. YIKES. She opted for cesareans with both pregnancies after.

I would really prod the midwife you spoke with to see if she would give you a shot, and I would find a good physician to back you up and monitor you in case things don't progress the way you want.
DoulaChandra- Yes, KM is pretty much right, he is consenting this time. I wanted a homebirth with the 1st 2, and with #1, when he flat out said no, I didn't fight him because I wasn't as confident in my body as I am now, and with #2, I was so freaked out about the incompetent cervix that I didn't push the issue when he said he just didn't want the risks.

This time around (before I even get pregnant) I am sooooo against a hospital birth that I told him that if he wasn't going to read the research, or at the very least trust my judgement on this, we may not be having anymore children because I felt so strongly about it. Thats when he started listening, and said that because my feelings are important to him and this is so important to me he would back off and let me do a homebirth, as long as I found a really experienced midwife.

So on top of that, I want to make sure I am super healthy, and would really like to avoid a cerclage this time as it will require that I am seen by an OB for a lot of my pregnancy. I did find a midwife who's consulting practioner is a CNM with homebirth supportive OB's above her, so I would have a good "upline" for my medical care, along with them working side by side, but at the same time, the midwife has only been practicing for a year or 2 and my husband wants me to find someone with more experience.

KM-Your step mom may have had a permenant cerclage placed, which is not very common anymore, except in cases of extreme cervical incompetence. With a permenant one, vaginal delivery is not possible. I had a removable one, they removed it at 37 weeks, and my water broke a week later. I was lucky to be seen at my 6 week appointment and watched very carefully because of my past cervical cancer. Unfortunately my cervix was already opening at that time.
Yes hers was permanent. I'm not sure if it was because of when she had it put in or if it was a personal choice because of the trauma she experienced losing a baby.

Good luck, I hope you find what you're looking for.
It could have also been that her cervix didn't heal properly from the surgery she had (with cervical cancer), so it wouldn't even close to hold a pregnancy. It's so sad that her Dr failed to consider her prior surgery during her 1st pregnancy.

Thanks :) I am hoping to go a more natural route with my life in general, and not just pregnancy and my kids. For the last few years, I have been more concious about what I feed and give my kids, but continued to eat crappy food, and have little exercise. I'm not overweight by any standards, but I do have a big pooch that makes me look about 3 or 4 months pregnant. My Dr said its because my muscles were stretched with 2 pregnancies and I didn't do anything to get back in shape after my kids so it's my muscles sagging! I have joined a gym and stocked the fridge with healthier food, lol.



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