Home Birth, a financial possiblity for everyone?

After seeing "The Business of Being Born", my partner and I are absolutely positive that home birthing is for us. Partly because we will be having our daughter in Portugal and Portuguese is not my first language (infact, it is barely a second language). Also, we feel personally aligned with principals and practices of home birthing.

Due to a series of events (mainly immigration) I have had to return to Chicago while Bruno stays at home with my step-daughter and family. We have been living off savings as we transition to a new place in our life. With all the confusion, we started to feel that we might have to "settle" for a hospital birth.

During the process of excepting that we might have to give birth in a hospital because of financial blockers, I started to question could home births be a possibility for everyone? Or is home birthing a privilege.

Through this pregnancy, transformation, and process, we have started an Indiegogo campaign.
So, we are asking that you donate, share, or send love our way  as we start this campaign.


Shiren and Bruno (and baby)


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