When we first found out we were pregnant (last fall), we thought a home birth wouldn't be a possibility due to 1) our inability to find a good home birth midwife and 2) my back problems (herniated disc).  So, I found a local OB office that utilizes CNMs and have been seeing the CNMs for the duration of my pregnancy.

However, a few weeks ago, I found out that the hospital I would have to deliver at has a random, low weight limit for water births.  It is based on no scientific evidence or anything concrete - and I happen to be 10 lbs over their weight limit.  /sigh.  So, when my Bradley class instructor told me about her home birth midwife, my husband and I decided to talk with her and see if she felt we would be good candidates for a home birth despite my back concerns.

And guess what!?!  We are!  The home birth midwife (named Kathy) is very familiar with my disc issues because her own husband had the same disc operated on.  She agrees with me that the water birth is likely to be the best option for pain management due to the herniation.  And she is very comfortable with our low risk level (no other complications or concerns). 

So, here we are!  We are actually embarking on our home birth journey.  I can hardly wait.  The sense of peace I have over this decision is overwhelming.  No hospital protocols to deal with.  No Hep-lock.  Laboring as long as I need to under the watchful eye of an experienced home birth midwife.  Comfortable surroundings.  Music and candles if I want them.  Ability to eat as long as I want or need.  The comfort of warm water for my aching back.  I am just so excited!  Now I can look forward to our blessed upcoming event instead of fearing what hospital protocols might be pressured on me.  I am happy.  I am content.  Just 10-12 weeks to go!


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Congratulations! Wishing you a peaceful birth.
I have a about 8 weeks to go and I am also planning a home birth, but not a water birth. I would like to use my tub for labor though. I look forward to hearing your experience. Best of luck to you!
I look forward to hearing more about your journey and your story! Congratulations on making such an empowering decision.

Many blessings on your birth-day,
Kaitlin Rose



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