Hello!  My husband and I have just begun trying to conceive and, with that, started the process of researching our best birth.  I am passionate about having a home birth, but I've heard that since St. Vincent's has closed, having a home birth in NYC is illegal?!?  Someone tell me this isn't true, or, if it is, how to have a home birth anyway?

Thanks so much,

Sophie and Andrew

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Home births are a state legal issue, not city.....right?? I can't see why one hospital closing would change a law? Sure hope not anyway!
It is not true. There are LOTS of home birth midwives in North Carolina. Call the "women's health and wellness center"(Lovely birth center) in Chapel Hill and ask Sarah for a referral.
Regarding legality, as I understand it in general, it is not illegal to have a baby at home. You can't legislate that. Babies can come anytime, anywhere. So it's a question whether midwives operate legally. They take the legal risk. In my state (DE), they have to operate underground but it's still happening quite a bit.
Shari W
Thanks, Ladies!



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