Last night TLC aired the new 18 kids and counting episode. The dugger's new daughter -in -law Anna had her baby on the show. She decided at the last minute to have a home birth with a doula. They filmed her whole birth and it brought me to tears. I just thought it was wonderful to see a home birth on a very popular TLC show. For me it was encouraging to see theis young woman supporting home birth and going through with it. I would like to have a home birth with my baby but a lot of people arn't being very supportive. Anytime I mention it, it seems someone had something negative to say. Can people be so ignorant? I will end up doing what I think is right. Seeing a popular TV figure have a homebirth was encouraging and I am hoping it becomes a more accpeted and mainstream choice.

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You've got to stop listening to them. Negativity is not something a pregnant woman needs to hear no matter WHERE she births.
"if you don't have something positive to say. then please.. don't bother saying anything. i need your support whether you like where i'm deciding to give birth or not."
it's not always easy to say. but it can help to say it.
I haven't seen it but I sure do wish we had hired a videographer for our baby's birth. We put it off until the last minute and I went into labour a week earlier than the EDD. It just so happened that I had loaned my camera to my sister for halloween and she lost the power thing after another and now we only have our memories.

It was a pretty darn cool birth, too, if I dare say so lol. I wish I could have had it just to show others what I was talking about (e.g. transverse occiput, nuchal arm presentation among other things).
I've decided to not discuss my birth plans with anyone (except close friends and family that I can trust to be supportive). It's amazing to me how frequently acquaintances - and even strangers! - seem to feel that it's ok to come up to an expectant mother and ask about her birth plans. I'm just going to be very simple and honest with them: "I've decided not to discuss my birth plans. I find that it's a very charged subject and people have lots of opinions, so my husband and I have decided to keep our plans private."

I agree with Michael that the LAST thing a pregnant woman needs is a bunch of negativity or "what if this happens?" put on them. Besides, is it really anyone else's business?
The sad truth is that, yes, people really are that ignorant when it comes to birth in the US! Families spend more time researching what kind of car to buy or camera to get than they do about where and how to give birth. I can't even tell you how many people have said to me "the OB's know what to do - I'll do whatever they tell me!" We have a HUGE problem here of Dr worship - where people think OB's really know best and do what they do because it's best for mom's and babies - and they follow them blindly. I was stunned when I really started doing my research. All we can do as enlightened birthers is encourage others to think for themselves and do what we feel is in our own and our babies best interest - whether mainstream or not! Eventually, the evidence will be over-whelming and not something that can be ignored. Til then, be strong!
I can't find footage of this birth on YouTube... Do you know where I can watch this episode? I love the Dugger’s & had no idea that Anna had her baby at home. Go you Anna!!! I like them even more now. {lol}
I 100% agree with you Kristin. I was appalled at what I found out when I started doing my research on birthing & yes people do follow Dr's so blindly. I never imagined that I would be taking this path when it comes to my birthing choices, but I know way too much to turn back now! I absolutely can’t wait till its my turn to be a Mommy!



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