Hi, I'm expecting our first baby, and have always wanted to do a home birth. After watching the business of being born, I was even more excited. We recently moved to Columbus, GA and was told midwifery is big here. The more I research it though, the more I discover that it is only available in a hospital setting, and water births are absolutely a no no. Help!! I don't want to deliver in a hospital, and I need Tricare to still cover it. what do we do?!

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Have you settled on what you are doing? I'm from Columbus. The talk of this town being midwife friendly is delusional. I have not found a midwife here that was anything more than a female medical doctor that didn't pay malpractice insurance. I'm sure Tricare will pay for anyone of the midwives that are affiliated with the hospitals, however I'm sure you've come to realize that a home birth isn't covered.  There are local doulas and they are not expensive. My daughter had a marvelous experience. Email me privately if you'd like more information.



In my limited experience with Tricare, they are ALL ABOUT LOOPHOLES.  They're hard to find but they're built in, just with any other government agency, so when you find one, you should use it.  One friend I know managed to get her homebirth covered when the Tricare rep insisted ONLY that her midwife be "certified".  They didn't say how or for what - just that she was certified.  Now, with my midwife, we're dealing with Blue Cross who has outlined their anti-homebirthing initiatives in their policy but thanks to the years of feretting out loopholes with Tricare, I managed to get them to agree to reimburse me in part by saying "Out of network provider at an out of network facility."  That said, its really a game about being smarter than the provider.  If you can find a midwife, ask her for tips.  Nine times out of ten, all you'll get is reimbursement so you still have to pony upfront.  

I am in the same boat. I Just moved back to Columbus and saw your post, was wondering what you figured out and any new info you could give :) looking forward to hearing from you.





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