I am not pregnant yet, but desiring a home birth when the time does come. I already mentioned it to my mom and she was not supportive at all. I'm 30, and my husband is fully supportive, I know I obviously don't need my mother's approval, but I was wondering if anyone else met with family resistance when mentioning a home birth plan to their loved ones?

I live across the street from a great hospital (which is the only reason I think my hubby would let me have a homebirth), so if I needed a hospital transfer, I'd be happy to go, and be there in less than 2 minutes, so its not a proximity or travel time danger should an emergency arise.

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My mother-in-law has already voiced her disapproval on everything from having to be a working mom (believe me if I had a choice I'd stay home) to breast feeding so we are just not telling her a lot of information. My mothers sister was a midwife and although my mom may not like my choice it's still mine and she respects that. Unfortunately where we live we don't have many options for alternative births and I am waiting to see the only midwife in an hour radius of us to discuss options. If all else fails,I'm hoping she can at least prevent a lot of unnecessary medications and interventions in the hospital.

Oh yes, Lisette, I definitely faced a lot of resistance/disapproval about our planned homebirth. Honestly, there came a point where we just had to let everyone know it wasn't up for discussion. It was a decision that my partner and I took very seriously, did a lot of research about, and had a backup plan (much like it sounds like you do). And that was that.

I suspect this was painful and worrisome for some members of my family, especially my mom. But they respected our wishes and mostly, we just didn't talk about it.

After the baby arrived, several relatives said things along the lines of "I am SO glad you and the baby are okay!" as if we had been taking a huge, dangerous risk. Oh well. 

As an aside, shortly before my son's 1st birthday, my mom had some sort of turn-around (probably after swapping grandchildren's birth stories with friends and coming to see how lovely our birth really was) and came to me and told me she totally understood why I did it the way I did it.  So there is hope!

If you do want to have more of a discussion with your loved ones, it might not be a bad idea to give them a copy of "The Business of Being Born", and see if they want to talk about it. Then you can talk about a film and the people in the film, without it being so very immediate and person.

Best of luck!

Be empowered in your decision, research, be flexible, and prepare as much as you're able to.  Be conscious of allowing the opinions of others to sway what you desire the most.  If you're open to a wellness tool to assist your home birth, consider the Birth Support Kit - www.NicoleAngelaTucker.com/birthsupportkit.html.  

We did.  My hubby's Step-mother is in school to be an L&D Nurse and she lost her shit in Russian at us (which happens rarely) when we told her our plan to birth at home (we're not pregnant yet and will be TTC in April). 

I actually have an update! We are 23 weeks pregnant with a daughter, our first, and I transferred my care to an awesome midwife at 19 weeks. We are planning our home birth. Our friends and family were skeptical at first but they're coming around when they see how informed we are with statistics and research. My mom also attended the childbirth classes provided my my midwife with us and realized how smart and nice she was. So barring any unforseen circumstances, we'll be having an awesome planned homebirth in January :D 

I hope your home birth went great! My husband and I are due in June, and i am currently 23 weeks. We are looking to switch to a home birth midwife right now. We are only sharing with a few friends and my mom, which are all supportive of home birth. We aren't telling my dad or either of my husband's parents because they've already asked us early on if we plan on having a hospital birth (at the time we were, and they were "so relieved"). So we've decided it's no one else's business, and if we share, it will be after baby is born. :)



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