Week 34, wow... I started to freak out this weekend as this labor quickly approaches, once the thrid trimester hit and my kids went back to school, time has just FLOWN by. It is pretty scary when I think about it... the first 12 weeks, crept by... the next 12 weeks, crept by... and then the next 12 well, BAM it hit me.. it's almost time!!!

Anyone have any insight for me on a home delivery? I've had two children previously in a hospital setting. This time I opted for home birth, #1 due to cost and #2 wanting to do it MY WAY. :) But I would love to hear some of your experiences!! :)

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I am in the same boat; first baby, and my husband has been taken ill. I am freaking out!! I need to be secure about this or I won't be able to do it.

My mother had three homebirths, and she was very pragmatic about the whole thing (or at least she makes it seem like she was). She just went and did it... there's nothing to it, she says, just don't freak out and have a quiet environment so you can concentrate and relax.

I honestly don't think there's anyway to cure the apprehension, except maybe go and exercise until you're exhausted.



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