Looking for some advice.  I am about to have my 3rd VBAC with a local midwife at her cottage.  We have had 2 successful natural VBACs in hospitals.  Last one I was able to labor in the tub which made the process so much more manageable.  Our midwife is an 89 yr old Nazi survivor.   She's stoic and I have full faith in her, but I'm a little weary of postpartum care.  Her cottage is set up beautifully for labor, i.e. huge tub with reclining seats, squatting bars, you name it... but the beds are just regular beds, which I'm wondering how I am going to rest comfortably, (especially for nursing)...love those reclining hospital beds.  We are considering heading to the hospital after birth and just not mentioning to them that our plan all along was to birth at 'home'.  I have a good relationship with a midwife clinic that operates out of the hospital.  Due to my husbands insurance I've been seeing both the clinic and the local independent midwife.  I also don't want to hurt our midwife's feelings by hitting the road too soon after delivery.  Any suggestions if going to the hospital afterwards is unecessary?

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Just curious...if you feel that you would be more comfortable at the hospital, is there a reason you aren't delivering there? I assume it has to do with having more choices during labor, but just wondering.
I would say it would be unnecessary. If you are really concerned about it, ask your midwife if she has extra pillows available or a wedge so that you can make the top of the bed more inclined. Or buy one yourself, it will probably go to good use when you get home and have only your own non-reclining bed :) The other option would be to skip the hospital and just go home after you deliver. I"m sure your midwife will be fine with that as long as you and the baby check out ok. If you don't check out ok then you may wish to go to the hospital anyways.
Yeah, I wouldn't go to the hospital unless you needed to. It's hard enough on home birth moms who transfer for medical reasons. Hospitals are generally not very receptive to them. But it's all about what you're more comfortable with. For some women, they feel safer at home. For others, they actually want to be in the hospital. So I would just examine why you want the home birth. If it's for reasons other than your own personal sense of safety and comfort, then I would keep thinking about whether you REALLY want to do this at home. If you honestly would feel more comfortable at the hospital, then go there. There's nothing wrong with that! If it's just about the reclining beds and nothing else, I second the suggestion for the wedge and extra pillows.

Wanted to update you all:


We had a very wonderful birth at the cottage.  Labor lasted about 7 hours, and Wesley James was born at 9lbs!  We did however end up having to go to the hospital afterall because my placenta wouldn't deliver.  We waited 1 1/2 hours before heading in, but it just wasn't happening.  When we arrived at the ER, they were all very polite and you could tell a little excited to get such a rare case in the ER.  The staff were all wonderful and buzzing us with questions about the homebirth.  We were admitted for 24 hours and I rested beautifully in the grand post-partum suite before returning home to the rest of the family. 

Looking back on it, it was so easy to see the Lord's hand in it all and it all worked out perfectly.   Thank you all for your advice and thoughts.




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