We're planning our second home vbac and would love to hear success stories about vbacs (home or hospital). Thanks.

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you can find some great positive stories at www.pregnancybirthandbabies.com
I had a sucessful hospital VBAC with the birth of my son in Jan 2006. I had a Midwife and she was very supportive of a VBAC. For the most part, she treated my PG and VBAC as a normal, routine occurance, and never once referred to me or my situ as "high-risk". Only difference was that, based on the policies of the OB/GYN office she worked with and the hospital protocols, there were a few restrictions placed on my delivery. 1) I would not have been allowed to go past 40 weeks 2) Drugs to induce labor was not an option 3) If I went even 1 day past 40 weeks I would be scheduled for a c/s (MW encouraged me to try natural induction methods at home 1 week before DD to avoid this) 4) I was required to have continious external fetal monitoring and a heplock during labor.

My MW encouraged me to stay at home for as long as possible and to educate myself on natural pain relief techniques to avoid an epidural. All in all it was a wonderful experience and I got the unmedicated, vaginal birth I wanted :) This time I wanted a water birth and my MW and both local hospitals said that was not an option for a VBAC Mom, even a second timer. So, I decided to change MW and have a HBAC! I am due in Feb and am so excited about being able to experience the wonders of birth without the "restrictions" and protocols of the hospital!
I had my first baby at home, but I have seen some incredible videos on YouTube of women having VBACs including a twin VBAC homebirth. You will have so much encouragement from the women on this website. Just have faith that your body can do what it was designed to do.



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