Can I just say that there are more perceived risks than actual risks of having a home birth? Its true for a VBAC as well. I was so scared of having a home birth when I first set out to make the decision. I was equally scared of having another cesarean. What to do? I did my research. It was so empowering. Educate yourself, don't rely on what anyone tells you because guess what - we all have biased. With real facts in your brain that you acquired yourself you can know that you are making the right decision.

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Well said and I totally agree! I had a HBAC and I researched everything, compiled numbers and data and made a well informed decision, considering all the possible outcomes--both at home and in the hospital ;) I opted for the "risk" of a HB over a Hospital. My son was born in my bathtub, into my hands, beautiful and perfect. Now he is 9 months old and growing so fast. I will always be thankful and forever altered by that experience. Good for you for encouraging and offering information to other women. We will change the system 1 woman, 1 birth, at a time.



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