I wanted to gather tips and suggestions for a first timer planning a home water birth!


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Please visit my blog, Visualizing Birth http://visualizingbirth.org/

Everything on the site is free.  Check out the method for visualizing birth at: http://visualizingbirth.org/pages/introduction

Here is a beautiful video image and write-up about a water birth: http://visualizingbirth.org/video-of-waterbirth-calm-entry-into-thi...

My 3rd child was born 2 months ago at home in the water.  It was amazing and my first unmedicated non-hospital birth.  I wrote about it on my blog as well as my reasons for choosing a home birth.  Please check it out here:  http://faithandfrugality.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-homebirth.html  I hope yours goes well and it is a moving experience. 

thank you Anna! Checking your page out now! what a wealth of knowledge! thank you for sharing!! kama! reading your story now! thank you!!! its beautiful :) and so helpful!



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