I'm an American woman living abroad - I live in Budapest, Hungary in Central Europe. As supporters of home birth, I know this story will move you.

A woman named Agnes Gereb, a gynecologist here, has been jailed for her assistance of home births in Hungary. HOME BIRTH IS LEGAL HERE. She is 58 years old and has assisted approximately 3000 home births in Hungary. Here she is in a photo:

Here is an explanation of the events leading to her arrest:

As you can see, Hungary has not progressed to the point of supporting a women's choice in giving birth. The other thing to know is that hospitals here are not like they are back home in the US. They are not a place you want to stay. People even bring their own food and sheets and pay the doctors under the table. I was told a story from a family who paid the nurses extra to make sure their hospitalized grandmother was fed every day.

This is terribly sad as there are many things to celebrate in this country. However, in this case I believe the ugliness of fear, ignorance and dishonest people are behind the arrest of this courageous woman.

I think international attention is the only way to break through the low level thugs keeping the situation under wraps. Unfortunately, here the tradition of shouting to the media is not as common as it is in the US.  Please help me bring media attention to this case.

Here are some ways:

Show your support on Facebook:

Additionally, if you have any media experience, or if you know anyone that works in the media, or know anyone who would be willing to use their celebrity to further the cause, please tell them about this case. 

decadefour at gmail dot com

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