HomeBirth Moms & HomeBirth Planning Moms To-Be: I Need Your Opinions!

Hey Home Birth Mamas, or Mamas to be who are interested in or are currently planning to home birth:

I am in the process of writing a book about home birth, as a guide book to read before your home birth. I want this to be the book that you pick up when you are just so excited about your baby to come into the world, and so into home birth...elated, nervous, eager for the journey to begin. (I was SO into reading books and watching DVDs about birth when I was pregnant, especially near the end when I just couldn't wait for my daughters arrival!)

So I'd like to create something for those who are thrilled and eagerly anticipating their home birth. I would like to know, to hear from you...

What would you like to read about? Would you like to read home birth mother's experiences? Would you like facts? Pictures? Birth art? What about a DVD that came with the book, interviewing home birth moms, home birth midwives and doulas who have attended home births?

Here is a rough content structure that I have set up so far:
Introduction = My home birth why/how/when
Benefits & Risks
Healthy Mom= Healthy Baby
Your Essential Home Birth Kit
Birth Art
Home Birth Stories
*Pictures, birth art and inspirational/empowering quotes placed throughout at random.

I'd LOVE it if you'd share your thoughts and opinions with me! Thanks!

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I loved Sheri Manelli's book with the stories about natural childbirth. Reading those stories empowered me and allowed me to trust my body to be able to deliver my 9 lb. 3 oz. daughter at home after only 2 1/2 hours of labor. Whenever my labor got tough, I just thought of all of those stories and how those women were able to deliver naturally and without complication. I believe that the mind is extremely powerful, and being able to reference these incredibly powerful stories helped me to have my own wonderful birth experience. I think your idea is a wonderful one...I truly believe that the idea of home birth can become more mainstream if we flood the public with information about positive experiences of birth. We need to overcome the constant stream of negative birth images that are present on television, in movies, and in print. Maybe our daughters and granddaughters will have a different image of birth if we work to make it that way!

Thank you so much for the information. One factor that kinda scares me a bit is the thought if my insurance is going to pay for for any of this, and also if Indiana would recognize a Certified Midwife for insurance purposes. The funny thing about the entire process is that I'm planning on going to nursing school and I'm getting a lot of flack from people about how unsafe this would be and I feel like I need to make business card for the Business of Being so they can view this film and start to be mored educated about this process. Best wishes on the book and please continue to keep me updated.

Thank you,

Kaitlin Rose said:
Hey Krystal,

Thanks for your interest! I am currently working on getting a bunch of content put together to be placed on my website, which I will be creating very soon, including videos, audio interviews, personal stories and a lot of information about home birth. So, bear with me! It's coming soon :)

For now I can tell you how I went about finding a home birth midwife and other research I did to prepare myself for my home birth. (and remember, home birth can be as safe, if not safer for LOW RISK women as giving birth in a hospital)

1. I attended a talk by a woman named Suzanne Arms, who spoke about natural childbirth and the various environments and styles that a child could be born into. She mentioned home birth and a lightbulb went off in my head. There were a lot of women there; mamas, mamas to be, doulas and midwives, including two home birth midwives who live in this area. (Kalamazoo, MI)
2. I attended a Natural Childbirth class in my town. The teacher of the class was a doula, who I inevitably ended up hiring. Watched TONS of movies about birth, which included home birth footage, including The Business of Being Born.
3. Our doula had her second child at home, and gave me the number of the midwife she used.
4. I called that midwife and scheduled an appointment to meet and discuss home birth as an option for me.
5. I (we decided that is what I (we) wanted to do, so we hired her and I read, which I recommend reading, "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth," by Ina May Gaskin.

Research. Education. Connections.

Hope that helps!
I agree with Jennifer that Ina May's style with the stories were good, I just found them a little outdated. And since all of the stories pretty much happened at The Farm, I still have never seen a book about home births currently and in just normal everyday homes. Everytime I visited my midwife I wanted to know about the latest births that had occurred and how they went, so to me that gave me the most confidence. I think you should definitely include pictures and share your own story. I think what helped me the most during my homebirth was just knowing that it can be done. When I tell people I had my baby at home they say, "I could never do that", but they just don't know that they can. So that would be the most important point to get accross in my opinion.
I just found some good videos on a homebirth through the Big Push for Midwives youtube page.
Part 1 (10 min)
Part 2 (8 min)
Short Version (7 min)
Krystal - Any way that I can continue to help you/inform you, I WILL! :) Heather (the comment just above yours) said Sheri Manelli's books are good to look up. Have no fear, lady.

Cindy - I agree with you about Ina May's book. It is a little outdated and the stories only took place on The Farm. Still, the point I feel that it gets across is how many successful "home births" Ina May and her colleges have been a part of, and overall, the personal stories were touching and informative.

Jennifer - Thank you for providing that link! Something for you to look at Krystal!

This is a slow and arduous process, and if it takes me a while to get this little home birth book out, be patient, I'm not giving up! Just busy! :) Thanks again for your interest, support, and opinions!




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