I am 6 1/2 weeks pregnant and just had my initial appointment with the doctor last week before being referred to a midwife (that's the typical MO here in the UK). The doctor assumed that I was planning a hospital birth and when I informed her that I was looking at either a home birth or birth center birth, her response was basically, "well, you're a first-time Mom so don't be disappointed if it doesn't happen."  Is there any reason I should be concerned about being able to give birth outside a hospital?  Any first-time Moms who did who could give me a little encouragement?  Thanks everyone!

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Go for it! You can absolutely do it. I had a birth center birth (would have done home birth, but it was easier with insurance with the birth center) and it was completely natural, and a wonderful experience. It was challenging, but so rewarding. My husband is now totally a fan and supporter of natural birth, because he got to participate so much in the birth, even lifting our son out of the water to hand to me. Not to mention the emotional support he gave me when I was in labor. Like others have said here, totally empowering, and I wouldn't go to the hospital ever unless it was medically required.

Thanks, Ashley!  And I'm with ya on the hospital bit.  I've known for a couple of years now that I didn't want a hopsital birth unless I really needed one, but then my Dad passed away last year after being in the hospital and I just can't imagine facing those difficult memories when I'm supposed to relax and focus on labor!  I think we have definitely decided to go for a home birth, though we'll have to wait and see how the pregnancy goes first, of course. :o)

I am a first time mom as well, 10 weeks along, and I am planning a homebirth.  Throughout the pregnancy, my midwife will be monitoring how things are going.  I will elect to have an ultrasound at 20 weeks to make sure the baby development is doing well and placenta is in a good spot.

I want to have a calm environment that allows me to let labor progress at it's own pace, not need to drive anywhere when I am in the middle of labor, and have my family and midwife I trust with me, routing me on.  I feel good about my decision, though I will keep an open mind if there comes to be a situation that may need hospital intervention--which is good, that is what the hospital is for.

So go for it, and educate yourself.  It is great that you are aiming for a homebirth--my opinion is that homebirth is the BEST option for first time mommys because we need that extra time, encouragement, and direction.

Hi Evie!  Thanks for your encouragement.  I couldn't agree more: since most first-time moms tend to have longer labors, the last thing we need is to feel pressure to speed things up or get shoved into a medical mold based on an arbitrary "labor should only last for X number of hours, period" mentality.  We've settled on a homebirth, provided all continues to go well with my pregnancy (I'm just shy of 17 weeks), and both my husband and I feel really confident with our decision.  Hope all goes well with your plans, too!  I look forward to hearing all about it!  :o)
I'm a first time home birthing mom and SOOO glad I chose that option! Wouldn't change a thing. In fact, I was so inspired by my experience, I started a website/blog and Facebook page called Bring Birth Home. You can absolutely give birth at home!
Thanks, Kaitlin! That's really encouraging! :o)



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