Hello everyone!


My husband and I are planning to start a family very soon so, consequently, I am planning way ahead! :o) As a doula and someone who is very familiar with natural childbirth, I am eager to have a homebirth. Currently, however, we live in a small apartment that doesn't have the greatest "soundproofing." I'm concerned (having not experienced labor yet for myself) that giving birth at home may not be an option for us. If I feel the need to vocalize in labor, for example, will I feel inhibited for fear that I'll disturb the neighbors? There is a birth center somewhat close by that we could deliver at, but I just love the idea of giving birth at home.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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Hey Jennifer!


First off, congratulations on the newest addition! 


Thanks for the input...you've given me lots of encouragement.  I think the only reason we might still go to a birth center is because we're not certain the floor in our 2nd floor apartment is sturdy enough for a birthing pool...and I KNOW I want one!  :o)  We'll have to see.


Yay for Montana!  I was raised in St. Ignatius and was just out there back in May (not for fun, though, unfortunately).  I love Western Montana!!!  :o)


Thanks again!



I had my first baby at home in an apartment.  I didn't care who could hear what because home is where I wanted my baby born.  When I was in labour I was surprised that I wasn't very vocal after all, even though I thought I might be.  Go with what YOU want and don't worry about the neighbours. :)
Thanks for that encouragement, Samantha!  :o)
I had my home VBAC in an apartment.  My bedroom was right next to my neighbors where I could often hear her phone conversations through the wall.  But,  we just put a sign on our door that read "We are having a baby.  We have a certified midwife in attendence," so that no one would be worried if they heard strange noises.    No one even seemed to notice that I birthed my baby there at one o'clock in the morning.
Thanks, Sarah!  That's great to hear.  We have decided to plan a homebirth, though we can't "set it in stone" until I am 36 weeks and all is going well.  But, that's the goal and my husband and I both feel really confident about our decision.  Thanks to everyone here who has been so encouraging.  You all have helped in this process!


I live in a small apartment on the upper floor of a multi-family home, and I am planning a homebirth this fall. The issue of noise is something I myself was thinking about just the other day. I feel it's best to tell my downstairs neighbor (who also happens to be my landlord) in advance that I'm having my baby at home and that he can probably anticipate some noise.  But I have to say--part of the reason I think this is the best course of action for me is that my neighbor's family is a pretty loud one!  Since I daily hear them shouting, slamming doors, and their kids playing, I don't at all feel bad about making a racket for a few hours myself.  


You're right that you don't want to put yourself in the position of feeling inhibited in labor.  Do what it takes to get comfortable with making noise.

Thanks, Julie.  All the best to you as well.  When is your little one due?  We're due in the fall (October) as well!
Good idea, Jenn! :o)

Hi, I have had three homebirths, two in apartments.  I was concerned that people would freak out too!  The first time I told the neighbours ahead of time.  But I didn't need too.  It was like, you know when your making love and your world is just this space your in and everyone else just seems so far away?  Kind of like that.  Everyone kept acting normally to me afterwards, one lady seemed really proud that the baby was born in the building. and I thought 'oh my god how did she know, did she hear me?'


Funny thing is I love homebirths, I love birth stories, and ideas, but I cant watch birth videos!  Maybe you could watch some as I dont think women really make that much noise in labor.


I wish you a lovely birth!

I just thought that i should add, during my second birth my in laws came to the house and would not leave, as they wanted to help.  I asked them to leave but they refused.  by that stage i was in transition, and then my labor slowed right down, and I was really aware of them listening to me and it made me feel really embarrassed .  I wish I had of been more firm with them, but i was worried about hurting their feelings.
Thanks so much, Lynsey!

Create the birth that you choose with flexibility, notify the neighbors in advance what you are planning, sanitize the birthing space before and after, and remember to use The Birth Support Kit  (http://www.wholecreations.com/birthprofessionalprods.html).



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