Hi, Im sixteen yrs. old live in MA and having my first child. Iv been with my partner for two years and he already has a child from a previous relationship. I am currently not attending high school, but enrolled in college to get my nursing degree. I grew up with a mother who even though had four c-sections believed in natural home births and approached parenting with a natural, realistic approach. I was going to have my baby naturally in our local hospital at first because thats what made my partner comfortable, we were going to hire a doula. When I expressed how unhappy I was wih birthing in a hospital from my mothers horrible experiences (hemmoraging near death for three of her four c-sections) and assured him it was as safe and showed him The Buisness of Being Born after meeting with a midwife he changed his mind completely. My midwife believes and respects me regardless of my age and my ob practice I was seeing does not, I havnt seen my "doctor" more then once and they all laugh when I tell them I want it all natural. Im prepared and well educated and they dont seem to care. Why dont they respect my wishes and why does age matter?

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I had my first son at 19 and they treated me i think close to the way they are treating you now. I think that its like you said its all about your age and they dont get that its just a number and you can be educated in what you wont for Your birth. Just because they feel like you are too young to know what you wont or to understand the chooses that you have made. I say all you can do is show them you know what you are talking about and that you know what is best for your body and your baby. You will always have some people at any age doubt you when you say that you wont to have all natural birth. All we can do it not lesson to people that wont to be negative and put us down with what we wont to do for Our Birth.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that you get to have the birth that you wont to have. Dont let like that get you down or make you think that you cant do it, because if this is what you wont i am sure you can do it=-))
thank you!
thank you so much! i will be sure to post my birth story in late october!
Cant wait to read all about your birth=-))
Kassedi - Any update with your baby and birth? I'd like to hear what you went through and what you decided.
i was still planning on birthing at home when at 34 weeks i went into labor. Im gonna post my birth story, thanks for showing an interest
birth story is now posted
Can you link to it? Don't see it.



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