Does anyone out there have a cure they can share?

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I don't know of any detailed cures first hand, however I know that Ronnie Falcao's midwifery archives has lots of info on everything. The site is a little difficult to navagate, using their search engine is the best bet. The search function is at the bottm and just type in what you're after. Her site is a collection of all things midwifery related including both medical studies and antecdotal evidence. I used it constantly during my pregnancy.

My midwife and I talked about GBS when I was pregnant and she said she used a combination of collodial silver and congaplex for GBS+ moms. However, GBS infection can be very serious for baby and you should definitely consult with your midwife or doctor on a treatment plan
Currently universal vaginal and rectal GBS screening cultures are performed at 35-37 weeks' gestation and if is negative for GBS repeated at 40 weeks' gestation or 5 weeks after first negative culture.

Most women have GBS present in the vagina off and on; GBS comes and goes quickly so the test at 37 weeks does not really tell you a thing about what would happen during delivery. If you test positive when they do the test you may or may not be when you go into labor. Or if you test negative you may or may not be when you go into labor. Rapid tests for GBS detection are available that could be done at the onset labor; they take about 30-60 minutes and can save you the antibiotic prophylaxis but they need a lab to be completed.

Women should receive intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis if they meet any of the following criteria: delivery is < 37 weeks' gestation, if rupture of membranes is ≥ 18 hours, or if the intrapartum temperature is ≥ 100.4º F (38º C). They like to see 2 doses go in before baby arrives about 4 hours apart.

All women should get tested so that they can make an informed decision.

Certified nurse midwives are allowed to use IV antibiotics at a homebirth.
I tested postive when I was pregnant and my midwives suggested garlic supplements (or the real deal of course). I also upped my probiotic supplements.
Visit and you should definitely consult with your midwife or doctor on a treatment plan.
DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, and this is just what I've decided will work for me. It is shared here for information only! You should check with your doctors or midwives before undergoing any kind of treatment!

Thanks for all the replies! I've been doing my research and my midwife has shared her advice. I also consulted with an MD (who takes a holistic approach first) and these are the things I'm doing:

1. Probiotics - 2 per day for 1 week, then 1 per day for the next week, etc. until delivery.
2. 500 mg of Vitamin C per day
3. Colloidal Silver drops (3 half-eyedroppers) in water once per day

I've retested and am awaiting the results. Apparently there used to be a test that determined level of the tests just tell you positive or negative. So I'm hopeful that I will test negative and will continue the herbal supplements until delivery. If I test positive, I'm going to go with the Hibiclens rinse, which is a topical antibiotic douche which can be used every 4 hours during labor. The MD I spoke with preferred that to IV antibiotics, as do I.

Hope this information is useful!
I have women douche with several drops of lavender oil to warm water weekly from 37-delivery. If concerned I swab Babe at birth, ears and nose. Eveb with a positive Mom I have had good success with this also no goopy eyes in newborns. Lavender will kill strp ,even strep throat put in a spray bottle found at health food stores, just 2-3 drps. Tastes bad But has worked. Medicine used to taste bad and in some cultures still does, no surgar coating involved. I have seen women given IV antibiotics proprilactically that initally tested neg at 2 day then pos again at day 4-5
I asked my midwife about this today. She has attended home births as a midwife for 15 years, and she said if the mother is group B positive she sprays the baby with ASAP silver (like colloidal silver, but specially formulated to not kill the good bacteria) immediately after birth to ensure that the baby is disinfected from any possible contamination.
I second the recommendations of checking out the gentle birth website. Also, check out midwifery today.

I tested positive for GBS with my first pregnancy--wound up with a c-sec due to breech presentation. (After numerous natural attempts to turn, including moxibustion-which is an awesome story...for another time ;) and a failed external version) Anyhow, second pregnancy was an HBAC with a lovely midwife. She HIGHLY suggested that I take probiotics during pregnancy--specifically to drink kefir. This helped keep the flora in my gut in check. (google "GBS and kefir" lot's of great info) She also discussed my options with using garlic and hibiclens. (Again, I recommend doing an internet search, you'll find lot's of great info and even some studies recently conducted on Hibiclens.) I decided to take a course of inserting garlic cloves nightly for one week prior to testing for GBS. I threaded my garlic (for easy retrieval) and nicked it (to allow more oils to escape). I did not find that it burned. I did get the slight garlic aftertaste in my mouth...that was weird. But I like garlic! ;) Then used the hibiclens method the night before the day of test. My GBS came back negative.

However, because GBS can intermittantly come and go at any time without symptoms, I decided that I would use hibiclens again at time of labor as a precaution. I honestly cannot remember if I had a chance to use it before giving birth....I don't think I did! ;) My labor came on fast and baby was born in under 4 hours. Never had any problems or signs of infection.

Good luck!


P.S. My sweet one was not only born at home..but she was a water baby. So much better than what the local hospital would've allowed! They never would have allowed a previous GBS+ mom to labor freely without IV antibiotics. Standard protocol was automatic iv for any mom who has previously tested positive for GBS. No jacuzzi/tub room for me.... and this is assuming I would've been "allowed" to VBAC.... even though they "allowed VBAC" at that hospital...they made it hard for it to be an actuality.



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