I was on Yahoo Answers and one pregnant woman from the States said the only hospital in her area that accepted non-insured patients would only allow patients to deliver via c-section.


While I accept that there are many misinformed people on Yahoo Answers I had to ask if this truly does exist, a hospital that doesn't even give a woman the option of natural vaginal delivery?


If so what is the justification since c-sections are proven to be more dangerous for mom's and babies. What a horrible thing for someone who doesn't have insurance.

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St. Barnebas Hospital in Livingston, N.J. forces women to give birth by c-section because that is the hospital

policy.  When a pregnant woman arrives there they are forced to sign a pre-consent form regarding the c-

section even before the doctor arrives.  Don't go to St. Barnebas if you want to deliver naturally.  I heard that

Avalon Midwives and morristown Memorial Hospital in Morristown N.J.  are good if you want a natural delivery.


That was an interesting comment to make. I am in Australia and c sections are often used as a last resort and based soundly on the safety of the baby. The hospitals here encourage a natural birth and will often only allow a c section if the expectant mother has a history of difficult births or for the safety of the child. C sections take a very long time and more indepth clinical care than a natural delivery so I would see a c section being unjustified only based upon costs.



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