How big was your baby and what diet did you have while pregnant?

I'm interested in the type of foods everyone ate when they were pregnant e.g. vegetarian, organic food, low GI or if you were naughty and indulged a little bit.

How big was your baby and did you go full term?

How much and what type of exercise did you do?

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I'm only 14 weeks along, so I technically don't count, but I'll throw in my two cents. Thus far, I've concentrated on increasing my lean protein intake with a goal between 70-100 grams per day (harder than I thought it would be!). I've switched to organic milk (since I drink so much of it), and organic produce, but everything else has pretty much stayed the same. And I have been known to be naughty every now and again (how about that random McDonald's Filet-o-Fish craving last Sunday?? Oops!), but my husband has pretty much helped me stay on goal. I've only gained about 2 lbs thus far. I also have started EPA/DHA supplements now that I'm in the 2nd trimester.
As far as exercise goes, I'm a runner, and since I've been pregnant, my mileage has decreased from 15-20 miles/week to about 10-12 miles weekly, and at a bit slower pace. I'm starting prenatal yoga around week 20.
Reading over this post, it makes me sound a little gloating, but I've merely highlighted all the good things I'm trying to do. I haven't admitted to ALL of my transgressions (wink!), and I'm trying my best to stay relaxed and enjoy how amazing my body feels in the midst of all of these changes. Even when I barf.
Hopefully I'll have a good update for you in about 6 months!
Thanks for your input. I posted this because I want to have a smaller baby than last time (10lb 10oz). I had a c-section and I'm going to try for a VBAC. I've done research on diets and exercise that may help a woman have a smaller chance at having a large baby. As a result I've come up with: Yoga and Low impact aerobics 3 or more times a week, Organic meats and other organic foods, Low GI diet, Low fat, No processed sugar (going to be difficult because I don't drink tea with out it. Even though it's only 1/2 a tsp) and No dairy except low fat yogurt. All a bit messed up but I'm sure I can put it into the proper proportions so it becomes helpful.

Thanks I look forward to your update in 6 months.
I thought of you this morning when I read this "hot-off-the-press" study on the effects of maternal exercise and birth weight...check it out! :)

I know that every woman is different, but I was talking to my friend the other day about her three births. Her first weighed 7 lbs, her second was over 10 lbs (whoa!!) and her third was 8 lbs. They were unmedicated except for the 10 pounder--she said, "I couldn't figure out why I was hurting so much...until they weighed him!" She's a small, lean girl when not pregnant, so everyone was shocked when she pushed him out. For the third pregnancy, she said she was careful to only gain 20 lbs and exercised throughout to hopefully avoid a repeat. Luckily, the next son weighed much less, even though he is a monster now! LOL!
I'm excited to hear about your far along are you?
Thanks for the clip. it's really informative. I'm not Pregnant yet. I'm planning to start trying at the end of next month. I'd like to get this one right. I didn't plan my last pregnancy too well.

I watched 'the business of being born' last night and it almost put me off getting pregnant again. But I must say that it did make up my mind to have the baby at home. I'm in Australia and I think it's illegal here to have a home-birth. Or it's illegal for midwives to attend home-births or encourage them. Lucky I have more than one friend and family members that are trained doulas and midwife that can be there for me.

Are you in America? What is the policy on home-births where you are?
Yep-I'm in America. Home births here are legal in all 50 states, although laws regarding certification for direct-entry (i.e. non-nurse) midwives vary from state to state, and in most states, certified nurse midwives can only legally deliver babies in a hospital or birthing center. So long story short, access to good care for women who desire home birth can be tricky, depending on where they live. Luckily, I live in a state (Virginia) that recognizes direct-entry midwives legally, which makes access to home births much easier.
Because my insurance won't pay for homebirth, and we can't afford it on our own, I'll be birthing in a midwifery center near my home that has an excellent reputation for allowing women the freedom to birth as they choose.
I would investigate the laws in Australia regarding home birth. I would be surprised if it was truly illegal (but then, what do I know?)
I wish you the best and hope that you will find peace in whatever decision you make regarding your choices for childbirth. Don't give up! We will be here to support you! :)
Thanks, a little bit of info that I've discovered is that all the American Mums I've spoken to have said that there gestation period was 40 weeks or under not many have gone over 40 weeks.

No matter what the doctors tell you try to put off being inducted till at least 14 days past your due date. The doctors here like to induce at 10 days over due but many studies have proven that most first time mums go over due. What happened over here at one time was that the midwives were put in charge of the births for a month (I don't remember the reason) and they booked women in to be induced at 14 days over and just within those 3-4 days extra 75% of the women who would have been induced at 10 days over due went in to labour naturally.
I was booked in to be induced at 12 days over and I went into labour 13 days over due and He was born 14 days over due. (they booked me in early because of the weekend but I didn't like being cut short 2 days so I didn't go in).
Just discovered this week that it is legal to have a home birth here in Australia. I can't remember who told me it wasn't but I found a home birth midwife in my area. Apparently they are making it easier to have home births here. Good news for me. I'm still unsure how much it's going to cost me but I think I'd better start saving!
YAY! So happy for you...I wish you the best of luck!
My first was born at 38.5 wks and she was 7lbs 1 oz. I gained a total of 40lbs...did not exercise and basically ate crap.

My second was born at 40 wks and she was 8lbs 2 oz. I gained a total of 18 lbs...exercised daily...walking and some light toning weights, squats, yoga and bellydancing. Ate a dairy free diet, high in protein, low in fat, but cheated on occasion. Also ate about 80% organic, and a lot of locally grown.
First baby: I ate really badly, I was working in hospital and gained more than I should have. I went to 40 wks and my baby weighed 7lbs 1oz. I didn't exercise really, I was exhausted from my job (LNA) and figured that 12 hours on my feet hauling people around was enough.
Second baby: I ate better, I was paranoid because I hadn't lost the weight from the first, so I cut out all soda and tried to eat really well. I went to 39wks5days and my baby weighed 8lbs 11oz. I actually didn't exercise with this one either. I was super sick in the beginning, and then didn't feel like I had the stamina later on.
Current pregnancy: I've been eating really, really well. Not organic, cause I can't really afford it, but I'm trying to eat real food, nothing that is processed. I have the occasional Coke, and the occasional fast food, but on the whole, my diet is a 180 from baby #1. I'm 22 wks and I've gained 8-10lbs and I feel pretty good. We'll have to see where that gets us. Oh, and running around after 2 little boys is about all the energy I've got, no extra for a workout.



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