how can we change the perception of birth especially with TLC?

something needs to change with the perception of birth and especially what they show on TLC. I bet the majority of woman only know about birth on what they see on TV. IF I hadn't educated myself on other options and what else was out there like "birthing from within", Bradley classes, techniques, home or birth center births, midwives and doulas I would have just went with a scehduled c-section, gone blindly into the hospital and subjected myself and my baby to a myriad of cascades of interventions. how can we band together, or get with a prominent figure head to lead the cause to have TLC host programs on these other options?? Show a peaceful home birth, show "birthing from within" techniques, show how it can really be and not have the fear surrounding that it needs to be clinical, scary and dangerous and needs to be in a hospital. If it needs to be in a hospital with interventions, then it needs that. but it could be so different. I am at a loss on where to go to change this.....

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I've noticed that the more recent TLC shows have been featuring more natural births and homebirths.  However, it's so annoying how they have to add some sort of dramatic flair to the entire thing.  "So-and-so desires a natural childbirth, but will the pain be too much for her to bear???"  (Edit to scene where woman is moaning in pain.) 

I love the "MyBirthTV" Homebirth Diaries  I would love to see something like this in the US. 



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