we live in a very warm part of RSA and i struggle when too know my babyboy of 7weeks is hot or cold van anybody please give me advise about this
thank you

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I've always heard that you should dress your baby the way you dress yourself. No more or less layers. Also, it's a rule of thumb that if the baby's hands and feet are a cool (not cold) to the touch and their neck area is a comfortable warmth (not sweaty) then they are at a good temperature. Hope that helps!
I was told a little different - put the baby in one more layer than you are wearing. I did this more or less, by putting clothes on him and then wrapping him in a blanket. If his skin started to feel hot I took it off. You can also tell by the ears sometimes. If they are cold (not cool) then the baby may need another layer. And of course if you see sweat take something off. Congratulations on your new little one!
thanx that helps alot i alos see that his ears are either warm or cold then i guess if his cold or warm
thanx mandy he is such a pleasure although born 6-8 weeks early and had a rocky start with bad medical care and lot of tears for not having a medical aid he is now growing like a flower and we ador him



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