How long do you plan to breastfeed/did you breastfeed?

It's World Breastfeeding Week!  How long do you plan to nurse? Or, how long did you nurse your baby/toddler?  What do/did you love most about breastfeeding?

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Well, I do not have a little one yet, but I plan to nurse my child 6-12 months. From what I have read, there really aren't any real benefits to the child to nurse beyond 12 months, so that's why I consider it my cut-off.
Actually, The AAP states that any child weaned before the age of 2 years is at increase risk for illness. Their MINIMUM recommendation is 12 months. The World Health organization also recommends at least 2 years. They still recieve antibodies for the whole duration of breastfeeding and most everything they need. Benefits certainly don't go away after 12 months and a babe doesn't turn itnoa cow at 12 months either.
"A babe doesn't turn into a cow at 12 months" - Brilliant and so true! I'm going to be using this line!
I breastfeed my 1st for 3months, my second for 1year and now I'm nursing my 3rd. He's 3 months old and i plan to continue for at least a year(longer if he wants to and the milk last that long). I love nursing! I love knowing that i am providing the best food I can for my baby. There is definitely a bond that is created when you nurse that is so special. It's by far easiest to breastfeed, it's always ready, waiting, and pre-heated and nothing to wash up after. I just love everything about breastfeeding!
I nursed my son for 18 months
I plain on nursing my surrogate son in the hospital and pumping for him tell he is 6 months maybe longer if i am a good pumper and have a good supple.
I breastfed my first for 20 months. I would have gone longer but the new baby arrived and we were having major jealousy issues trying to breastfeed them both at the same time. My second baby is now 3 months and I for sure want to hit the 2 year mark, as long as she wants to! I love the warmth, closeness, and the feeling that I am doing the best thing for my baby. I like the convenience and economic factors too!
I plan to exclusively breastfeed for the first year of the baby's life. After that point, I plan to continue breastfeeding until the toddler is at least 2 years old. I may go longer if it seems to be working well for both of us, but I don't want to breastfeed less than this as per WHO's recommendations.
I breastfed both of my little ones for about 15 months. Exclusive breastmilk for 9 months, then introduced soft finger foods as they were interested. The weaning is a gradual transition as they want to join in on mealtime with the family, and we drop feedings as they stop wanting them. When it gets down to one nursing per day, we drop it when they're ready to forget about it.
I nursed my daughter for 20 months. My son is currently 20 months old and he is showing no signs of weaning!
My only child is 8 months and I am still breastfeeding her. I would like to make it till 1 year...I'll go longer if it works well for both of us and baby#2 doesn't make it difficult. I only recently heard about the WHO recommendation to nurse for 2 years. If I were to only have 1 child when baby #2 is 2 y.o. I'd try for that long. I don't feel comfortable going past 2 y.o. due to social/cultural norms. But I also don't see it as a significant problem to stop by 2 y.o.
My daughter is eight months old and exclusively breast fed (except for a few occasional bites of mom's food.) Our plan is to continue until she wants to stop. We hope to have a second baby when our first is around two-ish, so she will probably be weaned by then. But if she isn't, I'm not opposed to trying tandem nursing.
My goal has always been to nurse for a full year. My SIL had a daughter whom she nursed for almost a full year and she went directly from breast to cup, no bottle. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. My first experience nursing was full of thrush issues, and I switched fully to a bottle at around 7 months. My second son had some serious weight gain issues, sleepy baby, busy mom kind of thing, and I just couldn't catch up. We made it to around 6 months. But I'm chalking all that up to experience and hopefully my next child (due any day) will be the best yet!



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