How long do you plan to breastfeed/did you breastfeed?

It's World Breastfeeding Week!  How long do you plan to nurse? Or, how long did you nurse your baby/toddler?  What do/did you love most about breastfeeding?

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We are doing baby-led solids and baby-led weaning, so there is no way to put a time limit on how long the baby will nurse. Right now we are at 17 months and still almost exclusively breastfed as baby is not a huge solid food eater yet. In response to the no benefit of nursing after 12 mos, there obviously is a benefit if that's the baby's main source of nutrition and that's somethig you can't predict ahead of time. I would love to continue BFing until she is 2 and beyond if she so chooses. At La Leche League they teach that breastfeeding should continue as long as it's mutually agreeable for mother and child. I don't see either of
us wanting to stop anytime soon and I feel
very blessed to have this bond with my daughter. I think breastfeeding is one of the most wonderul gifts and it's sad to me that not every mother and baby experience that.
I breastfed my first two for a little over 2 yrs each. My third is 16 mo and still going.
I can't understand the logic of breastfeeding for 6 months and then switching to formula.?? There are certainly benefits after one year as well. If my son is sick he may not want to or be able to eat much, but he can always nurse and stay hydrated.
My son nursed until he weaned himself at nearly 2.5 years. When he was first born i thought 6 motnhs adn then that didn't amke sense to me. I was 19 at the time and didn't haev a TON of support and none of my friends breastfed but it seemed right to me. Then the one year mark came around and we weren't ready. the WHO suggest at least 2 years and even the AAP makes a statement that children weaned under 2 years are at increased risk for illness. There are still soo many antibodies and nutrients in BM after a year, it's incredible. Not onyl that, is the bond and closeness. there are far too many benefits for us. I'm due with number 2 soon and will do the same with him.
I breast fed my now 4 year old until he self weaned at just over 2 years old. I plan to nurse my now 6 month old until he does the same.

What do I love about breastfeeding? I know I am giving my baby the best start in life. I am preventing illnesses and diseases, for his entire life by giving him my milk for the first few. I love the knowledge that from the moment of conception until we start introducing foods that I am able to sustain him and give him life, I am all he needs. I love the closeness and bonding. I love the way he starts to smack his lips when I "assume the nursing position." I love holding his hand while he nurses. I love the way he rubs my face while he nurses. I love the little grunting noises he makes while he eats. I love the drunk little look he gets and his crooked smile when his belly is full of my milk. I love that I can wear him and feed him hands free while still being close to him. I love that I can comfort him by offering him my breast...there's nothing a little nursing can't fix ;) I love I can nurse him to sleep--no need for cry it out w/a breastfed baby (not that I would anyway...just saying). I love I can make it through middle of the night feedings without ever getting out of bed...or even sitting up...and mostly not even fully waking up. I love how he snuggles me at night, all wrapped around each other while he nurses.
I got all teary-eyed reading this. So sweet and something only a nursing mother and child experience. 2 or even 3 years of this is not enough, why some think that's too long is a mystery to me.
I breastfed my first baby for 20 wonderful months. Then I was in my first trimester with baby number two and had horrible morning sickness, every time I nursed I got sick, so we ended our nursing relationship. But, I think she would have gone for longer if I could have. I plan to nurse all my children for as long as we can, hopefully to around that 2 year mark.
I breastfed for 14 months. :-) I never set out with a specific goal but it worked out wonderfully. I was just glad to be able to breastfeed at all after starting out with a myriad of problems (no milk supply, slightly early baby, baby with tight frenulum on upper lip, use of SNS, etc).
I feel blessed to have breast fed both of my kids for as long as they wanted, which ended up being a little over a year for both, even after returning to work (I would run home and nurse during the day- lucky I lived close). They didn't ever need a bottle, went straight to a cup. I fed on demand, both breast and food. Both of my children are thriving, thanks in part to their start I am sure.
I breast fed my daughter for 22 months. I was commited to a miniumum of one year and she slowly self weaned over time. By 18 months she was nursing 2-3 times a day. She eventually nursed in the morning and night only and then finally nursed only at night.
Son, 2.5 years.

Daughter, 8 months and counting.

I work full time and it hasn't always been easy, but neither kid has ever needed formula. My own mother nursed me till I was three, and I remember the experience in a shadowy, warm, pleasant way.
10 months and counting...would love to make it to 2 years and beyond, and I wouldn't be opposed to tandeming if there's another little one in the picture. I never knew I would love breastfeeding so much. It's absolutely amazing!!
I am hoping to breastfeed my 7 mo until 2 years or so. I love how bonded I feel with my baby when I breastfeed. It is something that only I can do with him. It is the perfect food and it's always ready to go. When nursing at night, I love to sit in the dark and listen to the sweet little sounds he makes while nursing.



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