Hi all,
my husband and I are planning a homebirth for our first baby (second pregnancy) in July, but live in an area where this is not common. In fact, people who discover our plans react in shock and horror and feel obliged to share with us every possible problem that could occur. I have tried changing the subject, but my biggest concern is the sense of fear and exhaustion I am left with after receiving such comments. I want this so bad...but have very little support.

Any wonderful suggestions? Thank you all for continual support and encouragement through your stories and experiences.


March 7, 2010: Update: Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. I am so proud to be a woman and have the power to make a decision based on what I feel is best for my family.
We are scheduled to have our baby at a birth center. It is two hours away from our current home, but as someone else mentioned, the comfort outweighs the distance. Midwifes, doulas, aqua doulas, birthing stools, and a home like setting is just what we needed.
Oh and also, we mostly have kept quiet about our plans, except when someone asked. I am learning to pave the way through fear driven critics, and even some guilt driven remarks.

love and light to you all.


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I mostly just avoid the subject with people that are likely to be unsupportive. Sometimes though that is unavoidable...in those instances I try to be brief about the details and push the subject in another direction. For those times when the people are pushy and begin saying things about the risks and dangers I politely tell them they obviously have not done much research on the topic and begin spouting out stats on the safety of homebirth, the high rate of interventions likely to be forced on you in the hospital, and begin comparing the maternity care system in America to that of other countries. I start listing off books they could read, studies they could look up, and websites to visit if they are interested in the reality of HB and not the mainstream opinion and misinformation. That usually works to shut them up and change the subject. :)



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